Our Story

Every restaurant has a story. A reason the owner works so hard to make their vision and concept a reality. RISE City Beach was created from an idea formed through many years of experience in the hospitality and pizza making industries. RISE was created and is operated by its directors Paul and Denise. Both have been previously involved in the development and success of a collection of Perth’s favourite eateries. These included The Walk Café and The Atlantic Seafood Restaurant in Subiaco as well as Seven Seas Bar and Restaurant in Mount Lawley. So why a Pizza Cafe, well, as co-owner and managing director Paul ventured further and was instrumental in the development and expansion of one of Perth’s most famous pizza outlet in its time, Little Caesars Pizzeria and Theo & Co.

During the years Paul spent working on Little Caesars and Theo & Co, Paul found himself learning from the experience he attained in their development. Paul formed an appreciation for creating a pizza in its simplest form, from the ingredients and technique of the dough to the freshness of the local ingredients that should be used on top.

He also learned that in order to create the airy and delicious pizza we all love, it needs to be cooked in a stone oven with an open fire and not through a gas conveyor belt cooker. RISE has been founded on this philosophy, going back to basics to create the most authentic pizza eating experience in the fraction of the time. Fundamental to RISE’s concept is our “first of its kind”, rapid fired oven which rotates and reaches degrees over 400 to cook a pizza in less than 3 minutes, whilst keeping with the authenticity and taste of a traditional wood fired pizza. Rise’s dough is made in-house and complements our oven, the two working in unison to deliver our unique, airy base. Our dough is made using quality imported Italian flour, Greek extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and we only serve after a 30 hour fermentation process then stretched by hand.


To complement our base, ingredients receive the same wood fired treatment allowing us to give you extremely fresh vegetables and proteins, baked off daily to top your pizza.

RISE CITY BEACH is a quick, casual dining experience where you can customise your own pizza with fresh local ingredients.  You can also choose from over 30 signature pizzas created by our chefs to satisfy your cravings, or decide on something from our delicious selection of non-pizza entrees and mains which are second to none.

Enjoy authentic and delicious food which is also quick and inexpensive as we work towards creating an eating environment which is fast and affordable without a cafeteria feel.