The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Sugar for Crème Brulee

The best sugar for crème brulee: What to use

Desserts are a favorite part of any meal, satisfying our sweet cravings with delicious flavors. Among the many desserts, crème brulee stands out as a mild and indulgent treat. However, making the perfect crème brulee can be challenging, and using the right ingredients is crucial. In particular, choosing the best sugar for crème brulee is essential to achieving the desired results. This article will guide you through the various sugar options available and provide recommendations for the ideal sugar to enhance your crème brulee experience.

Understanding the Importance of Sugar in Crème Brulee

Sugar selection has a significant impact on the final outcome of your crème brulee. Achieving the perfect caramelized topping without compromising the rest of the dish requires using the right type of sugar. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crème brulee maker, choosing the right sugar is key to achieving the desired results.

Sugars for Crème Brulee

When choosing sugar for crème brulee, it is important to choose a sugar that is not too coarse. Coarse sugar can result in uneven caramelization or melting of the creme filling. Below are some recommended sugar options for crème brulee:

1. C&H Pure Cane Granulated Sugar

C&H Pure Cane Granulated Sugar is a reliable and well-known option. This pure white granulated sugar is finely textured, making it an excellent choice for crème brulee. It comes in resealable containers and you can purchase it in different quantities depending on your needs.

2. C&H Professional Baker’s Sugar, Ultrafine

C&H Professional Baker’s Sugar is an ultrafine sugar designed specifically for professional bakers. It is perfect for achieving the desired caramelization on your crème brulee. This sugar comes in a 4-pound box and its ultra-fine granules ensure quick and even cooking. Although a bit more expensive, it offers professional quality results.

3. Judee’s Superfine Caster Baker’s Sugar

Judee’s Superfine Caster Baker’s Sugar is a specialty brand of superfine sugar that is well made and manufactured in the USA. It is an ideal choice if you prefer nut-free and gluten-free options. The superfine granules ensure a perfectly caramelized top for your crème brulee. The sugar comes in a resealable package to prevent clumping and hardening during storage.

4. Ideal zero-calorie xylitol sweetener

Ideal No Calorie Xylitol Sweetener is a sugar substitute that acts similar to granulated sugar. It has fine granules that provide the same taste as sugar, but without the calories. This option is suitable for people with diabetes or special dietary restrictions. It comes in resealable pouches and can be used in the same measurements as regular granulated sugar.

Choosing the right sugar for your crème brulee

When choosing sugar for your crème brulee, it is important to choose small and fine granules to achieve the perfect result. While there are many granulated and superfine sugar options available, it’s important to avoid coarse granules that can interfere with the caramelization process.

Bottom line

In conclusion, choosing the right sugar is essential to creating the perfect crème brulee. Granulated sugar, such as C&H Pure Cane Granulated Sugar, is a popular choice due to its fine texture. In addition, specialty sugars such as C&H Professional Baker’s Sugar, Judee’s Superfine Caster Baker’s Sugar, and Ideal No Calorie Xylitol Sweetener offer specific advantages for achieving the desired caramelized topping. Remember to prioritize small and fine granules for the best results in your crème brulee.


Can I use any kind of sugar for Crème Brulee?

Yes, you can use different types of sugar for crème brulee. However, it is recommended that you use a sugar that is not too coarse to ensure even caramelization.

What is the difference between granulated sugar and caster sugar?

Granulated sugar is a common type of sugar with fine granules, while baker’s sugar is even finer than granulated sugar. Baker’s sugar is often preferred for crème brulee because it gives a smoother texture to the caramelized topping.

Can I use powdered sugar in crème brulee?

While powdered sugar can be used in crème brulee, it is not the ideal choice. Powdered sugar has a much finer texture and can result in a thin or powdery caramelized layer on top of the custard.

Is there a sugar substitute I can use for crème brûlée?

Yes, you can use sugar substitutes such as xylitol sweetener as a low-calorie alternative for crème brulee. Just make sure the substitute you choose can withstand the heat required to caramelize it.

Can I use brown sugar in creme brulee?

Brown sugar can be used in crème brulee, but it can change the flavor and color of the caramelized topping. It is best to use it in combination with granulated or caster sugar for a balanced result.

How should I store sugar for crème brulee?

To maintain the quality of your sugar, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This will prevent clumping and keep the sugar fresh for future use.