6 Best Propane Pizza Ovens of 2024

6 Best Propane Pizza Ovens of 2024

Outdoor cooking has become increasingly popular, and adding a propane pizza oven to your arsenal can elevate your outdoor culinary experience. Propane pizza ovens offer convenience, speed, and exceptional taste, making them a sought-after addition to any outdoor kitchen or cooking facility. In this article, we will explore the 9 best propane pizza ovens available in 2024. These ovens have been selected based on their performance, features, affordability, and customer reviews, ensuring that you have all the information you need to choose the perfect propane pizza oven for your needs.

How to choose a pizza oven

Before diving into the list of the best propane pizza ovens, it’s important to understand the key factors to consider when making your selection. Here are some important things to consider:

Oven Size

The size of the pizza oven is an important factor to consider. You need to determine the available space in your outdoor cooking area and the desired cooking capacity. Some ovens are designed to be compact and portable, while others are larger and more permanent. Consider your space limitations and cooking needs to choose an oven that meets your needs.

Oven Features

Propane pizza ovens come with a variety of features that can enhance your cooking experience. Look for ovens with powerful burners that can reach high temperatures for efficient and fast pizza cooking. Consider features such as built-in thermometers, ignition systems, temperature controls, and additional cooking accessories such as griddles or grills. Evaluate the features that are important to you and choose an oven that meets your needs.

Ease of use

While some pizza ovens offer advanced features and functionality, it’s important to consider ease of use. A pizza oven should be easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to make pizzas without complicated instructions or processes. Look for ovens that are easy to set up, operate and clean. Read customer reviews to gain insight into the user experience and determine if the oven meets your comfort level.


Budget is an important factor when choosing a pizza oven. Prices can vary widely, and it’s important to find a balance between quality and cost. Determine your budget range and look for options that offer good value for your money. The ovens listed in this article offer a range of choices at different price points, ensuring that there is an option for every budget.
Now, let’s dive into the 9 best propane pizza ovens of 2024:

1. BakerStone

The BakerStone propane pizza oven takes the top spot as the best overall option. This oven offers a sleek design, excellent performance and convenient cooking features. It falls in the mid-range price category and offers great value for the money. The BakerStone oven is compact and portable, with folding legs for easy placement on a countertop or floor. It has a relatively small cooking surface.
With a 25,000 BTU burner, the BakerStone oven can reach temperatures up to 800°F, exceeding expectations for an oven of this size. It can bake a pizza in approximately 2 minutes once fired up. The oven is designed with removable parts for easy storage and cleaning. You also have the option to purchase accessories such as griddles and grill grates to enhance your cooking experience. Overall, the BakerStone Propane Pizza Oven offers simplicity, reliability and versatility, making it an excellent choice for pizza enthusiasts.

2. Camp Chef

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, the Camp Chef propane pizza oven is an excellent choice. This oven serves as an add-on to your existing grill, eliminating the need for extra space. Simply place it on top of your grill or grill’s single burner, and you can enjoy pizza oven-like results from a wood-fired grill. While perfect for pizza, it can also be used for other foods such as breads, meats, vegetables and pies.
The Camp Chef oven uses an internal ceramic stone to remove excess moisture while ensuring perfectly cooked crusts and breads. Its stainless steel construction and dome design contribute to its durability and performance. The oven includes a built-in temperature gauge for easy monitoring. While there may be a learning curve, such as preheating the stone, the Camp Chef oven offers versatility and cost-effectiveness.

3. Gozney Roccbox

The Gozney Roccbox is a sleek and modern premium propane pizza oven. Although it falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, its exceptional performance and aesthetics make it a worthwhile investment. This oven can reach temperatures of up to 932°F, allowing for fast cooking times of as little as 60 seconds. Its ability to puff up pizza crusts and produce a perfectly charred finish is highly praised by pizza enthusiasts.
The oven
The Roccbox has a built-in thermometer, flame control and retractable legs for easy transport. It is constructed of durable stainless steel and includes a cordierite stone base for optimal heat retention and distribution. The oven is compact and portable, making it ideal for outdoor cooking adventures. With its stylish design and outstanding performance, the Gozney Roccbox is a top choice for those who value both functionality and aesthetics.

4. Ooni Koda

The Ooni Koda is a very popular propane pizza oven known for its simplicity and efficiency. It offers a large cooking surface and can reach temperatures up to 932°F in as little as 15 minutes. The oven features a built-in gas ignition system for quick and easy start up. It is designed with an L-shaped flame for optimal heat distribution and even cooking.
The Ooni Koda is compact, lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store. It is constructed with high quality materials, including a durable steel casing and a 15mm cordierite stone top. The oven’s minimalist design and easy-to-use controls make it a favorite among pizza lovers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient propane pizza oven, the Ooni Koda is well worth considering.

5. Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto

The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto is a mid-range propane pizza oven that offers great performance and value. It is designed for outdoor use and can reach temperatures up to 700°F in approximately 10 minutes. The oven features a built-in thermometer, a heat diffusing pizza stone, and a reflective heat shield for efficient heat retention and distribution.
The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. It is constructed with a durable stainless steel casing and includes a folding pizza peel for easy handling. This oven is popular with pizza enthusiasts who appreciate its compact size, fast preheating, and consistent cooking results. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable propane pizza oven, the Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto is a solid choice.

6. Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven offers a unique and versatile cooking experience. It is a combination propane pizza oven and grill that allows you to cook pizzas as well as a variety of other foods such as burgers, steaks and vegetables. The oven features a rotating cooking surface for even heat distribution and excellent results.
With two adjustable burners, the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven can reach temperatures up to 700°F. It features a powder-coated steel frame and a ceramic pizza stone for optimal heat retention. The oven also includes a built-in thermometer and a convenient grease management system. Despite its larger size, the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven is easy to assemble and transport, making it a great option for outdoor gatherings and parties.


What are the advantages of using a propane pizza oven?

There are several advantages to using a propane pizza oven. Firstly, propane ovens offer fast and convenient cooking, allowing you to enjoy delicious pizzas in minutes. They are easy to use, with simple ignition systems and temperature controls. Propane ovens also offer versatility, as they can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, such as backyards, camping or picnics. In addition, propane ovens eliminate the need for traditional wood or charcoal, reducing the time and effort required to preheat and clean up.

Can I use a propane pizza oven indoors?

No, propane pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use only. Propane ovens produce high levels of heat and carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous if used indoors without proper ventilation. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines and to use the propane pizza oven outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

What is the average cooking time for pizzas in a propane oven?

The cooking time for pizzas in a propane oven can vary depending on the specific oven model, temperature settings and the thickness of the pizza crust. However, on average, propane pizza ovens can cook a pizza in just 2 to 5 minutes. These ovens can reach high temperatures quickly, resulting in fast and efficient cooking.

Are propane pizza ovens portable?

Yes, many propane pizza ovens are designed to be portable. They are usually lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. Portable propane pizza ovens are ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating or picnics. However, it’s important to ensure that the oven is properly secured and stable when in use to prevent accidents.

Do propane pizza ovens require any special maintenance?

Propane pizza ovens generally require minimal maintenance. However, it’s important to clean the oven regularly to remove any food residue or grease build-up. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, which may include wiping down the exterior surfaces, cleaning the pizza stone or baking sheet, and checking the gas connections for leaks or damage. Regular maintenance will help ensure the longevity and performance of your propane pizza oven.