9 Top Thin Non-Belgian Waffle Makers of 2024

9 Best Thin Non-Belgian Waffle Makers of 2024

Waffles are a popular choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, traditional Belgian waffles can be thick and heavy, making them more filling than desired. For those looking to enjoy a thinner, crisper waffle, the right type of waffle maker is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the nine best thin non-Belgian waffle makers of 2023, giving you options that produce delicious, thinner waffles.

How to choose a thin waffle maker

There are several factors to consider when choosing a thin waffle maker. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

1. Belgian Waffle vs. Thin Non-Belgian Waffle

Belgian waffles and thin non-Belgian waffles differ in thickness and texture. Belgian waffles are large and fluffy, with deep indentations, while thin waffles are thinner, measuring approximately 0.5 inches in thickness. Thin waffles are often referred to as old-fashioned, regular, American, classic, or traditional waffles.

2. Cooking Time

Consider the cooking time of the waffle maker. Ideally, you want a waffle maker that makes waffles quickly and conveniently. Most waffle makers have a cooking time range of 2-5 minutes, which is adequate for most needs. Avoid options with excessively long cooking times unless you have specific preferences.

3. Temperature Control & Settings

Look for a waffle maker that offers temperature control and settings. This feature allows you to adjust the crispness of your waffle. Some high-end models offer up to seven temperature control or browning settings, while others offer two or three. Choose a waffle maker that offers the level of control you want.

4. Budget

Consider your budget when choosing a waffle maker. Waffle maker prices can vary widely, from budget-friendly options to premium models. Regardless of your budget, prioritize quality and look for waffle makers that offer the features you need without compromising performance.

5. Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is an important factor to consider. Look for waffle makers with non-stick surfaces or removable plates, as these make cleanup a breeze. Avoid waffle makers that are difficult to clean, as caked-on messes can be time-consuming to remove. Look for options that are easy to maintain and require minimal effort to keep clean.

The 9 Best Thin Non-Belgian Waffle Makers

Here are the nine best thin non-Belgian waffle makers of 2024:

1. All-Clad Classic Waffle Maker

– 7 browning settings
– Makes 4 pieces at once

2. Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker

– 5 browning settings
– BPA free construction

3. CucinaPro Waffle Maker

– Non-stick surface
– Adjustable browning

4. Carbon’s Gourmet Waffle Maker

– 7 browning settings
– Makes 4 pieces at once

5. Dash Deluxe Belgian Iron

– Mess-free operation
– Versatile functionality

6. Farberware 4-Slice Waffle Maker

– Non-stick surface
– Comes with measuring scoop

7. Decen Waffle Maker Grill

– Temperature control
– Multiple plates for different types of waffles

8. Chef’s Choice WafflePro

– Makes 5 pieces at a time
– Offers multiple cooking settings

9. Marvel Spiderman Waffle Maker

– Features Spidey’s mask design
– Waffle size: 6-7 inches


When it comes to thin, non-Belgian waffle makers, there are several excellent options available. Consider your preferences for cooking time, temperature control, budget, and ease of cleaning when choosing a waffle maker. The nine waffle makers listed in this article offer different features and price ranges, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you prefer a classic waffle or a superhero-themed design, these waffle makers will help you make delicious thin Belgian waffles at home. Enjoy your crispy, thin waffles with your favorite toppings for a delicious breakfast or brunch experience.


What is the difference between a Belgian waffle and a thin non-Belgian waffle?

Belgian waffles are larger and fluffier with deep indentations, while thin non-Belgian waffles are thinner and have a more traditional, classic waffle texture.

Can I make anything other than waffles with these thin non-Belgian waffle makers?

Yes, most of these waffle makers are versatile and can be used to make other delicious treats such as pancakes, grilled sandwiches and even crispy hash browns.

How important is temperature control in a thin, non-Belgian waffle maker?

Temperature control is essential to achieving the desired level of crispness for your waffles. It allows you to adjust the browning and texture to your liking.

Are these thin waffle makers easy to clean?

Yes, many of these waffle makers have non-stick surfaces or removable plates, making them easy to clean. Simply wipe off any batter residue with a damp cloth or sponge.

How long does it typically take to make waffles with these thin, non-Belgian waffle makers?

Cooking time varies depending on the specific waffle maker, but most options cook waffles within 2-5 minutes, ensuring quick and convenient preparation.

Can I use gluten-free or vegan batter in these waffle makers?

Yes, these waffle makers can accommodate different types of waffle batter, including gluten-free and vegan options. Simply follow your preferred recipe and adjust the cooking time accordingly.