Exploring the Top 7 Off-Brand Lunchables Worth Trying

7 Best Off-brand Lunchables You Should Try

Off-brand Lunchables are an increasingly popular alternative to the well-known Lunchables brand. These snack packs offer convenience and variety, making them a favorite among kids and adults alike. In this article, we will explore the seven best off-brand Lunchables to try. Each option offers its own unique combination of flavors and ingredients to suit different tastes and dietary needs.

1. Castle Wood Reserve Snacking Trio

The Castle Wood Reserve Snacking Trio is a top choice among private label lunchables. This meat-centric option offers a generous amount of protein in each pack. You can choose from several combinations, including slices of roast beef, chicken, salami and turkey breast. These meats are prepared in a variety of ways, such as smoked, baked or roasted.
The meat is accompanied by blocks or slices of cheese and often includes a sweet treat. For example, a premium package may include uncured salami, provolone cheese and chocolate-covered pretzels. The snacks in the trio can be enjoyed right out of the package or used to make a delicious sandwich on the go. Other cheese options, such as Gouda or Cheddar, and sweet treats, such as yogurt-covered granola clusters or dried cranberries, are also available.
The Castle Wood Reserve Snacking Trio is loved by many because it offers premium foods suitable for both adults and children.

2. Hillshire Snacking Small Plates

Hillshire Snacking Small Plates are premium, off-brand Lunchables that are more appropriate for adults, but can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Featuring deli meats, crackers and cheeses, these small plates offer a sophisticated twist on the original Lunchables concept. The deli meats, cheeses and crackers included in the small plates vary to provide a range of flavor options.
In addition to individual snack plates, Hillshire also offers larger snack platters that are perfect for entertaining. These options make it even more convenient to enjoy a delicious and satisfying snack.

3. Gusto Snack Packs

Gusto Snack Packs stand out for their delicious artisan meat products. These packs include the usual deli meats, crackers and cheeses, but Gusto takes it a step further by offering high-quality ingredients. The deli meats and cheeses are flavorful, and the artisan crackers add a delicious crunch.
The packs contain a generous amount of deli meats and cheeses, providing a good source of protein. They can be enjoyed on their own or used to create a charcuterie board by adding fruit and nuts. All deli meats are made with antibiotic-free meats and the crackers are artisanal, ensuring a high-quality snacking experience.

4. Armor Lunchmakers

Armour Lunchmakers offer a wide variety of flavors and textures, making them a popular off-brand Lunchables choice. Options include pizza, turkey, bologna, ham, pepperoni, chicken, nachos and more. Each package contains different ingredients based on the flavor selected.
For example, the nachos package includes chips, salsa, cheese, and a sweet treat. A traditional pack typically includes ham, cheese, crackers and a small chocolate bar. The variety and combination options available with Armour Lunchmakers are impressive, allowing you to enjoy different flavors and find your favorite.
While these Lunchmakers are great for kids’ snacks and lunches, they are also enjoyed by adults.

5. Hormel Natural Choice Stacks

Hormel Natural Choice Stacks are an excellent private label Lunchables option for kids. They closely resemble the original Lunchables and provide a similar snacking experience. These stacks come in varieties such as Honey Ham and Cheddar, Salami and Cheddar, or Turkey and Cheddar, all with crackers.
Hormel is a trusted brand that offers a range of products, including deli meats and side dishes. The Natural Choice snacks offer quality ingredients in a simple form that appeals to both kids and adults. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a satisfying snack.

6. Applegate Naturals

Applegate Naturals Charcuterie Plates are a decadent off-brand Lunchables option ideal for charcuterie lovers on the go. These packs feature a combination of savory, sweet and crunchy items. For example, a plate might include Genoa salami, cheddar cheese, toasted and salted almonds, and dark chocolate chips.
These packs are the perfect choice for a light snack. They are luxurious and appeal to both children and adults thanks to the inclusion of a sweet treat. Other options include breaded chicken, bacon, breakfast sausage, grilled chicken strips, meatballs and more. The deli meats used in these snack platters are sourced from high-quality sources, ensuring a delicious and satisfying snack experience.

7. DIY Private Label Lunchables

If you prefer to have complete control over the ingredients in your Lunchables, consider making your own private label Lunchables at home. This option allows you to customize the combinations and flavors to suit your preferences and dietary needs.
To make your own Lunchables, start with a base of crackers or sliced bread. Then add your choice of deli meats, such as turkey, ham or roast beef. Add a variety of cheeses, such as cheddar, Swiss, or pepper jack. You can also add additional items like cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, or carrot sticks for a touch of freshness and crunch.
The advantage of making your own private label Lunchables is that you can accommodate specific dietary restrictions or preferences. For example, if you follow a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, you can choose gluten-free crackers or opt for plant-based deli meats and cheeses.

Bottom line

Private label Lunchables offer a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer meat-focused packs, sophisticated small plates or artisanal ingredients, there is an Off-Brand Lunchables option for you. Plus, creating your own DIY off-brand Lunchables allows for customization and personalization.
It’s important to note that while these off-brand Lunchables offer convenience and variety, they may not always meet the nutritional needs of a balanced meal. It’s a good idea to supplement these snacks with additional fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods to ensure a well-rounded diet.
The next time you’re looking for a quick and convenient snack or lunch option, consider trying one of the seven best private label lunchables mentioned in this article. Expand your horizons and discover new flavors and combinations that may become your new favorites. Happy snacking!


Can generic Lunchables be a good alternative to Original Lunchables?

Answer: Yes, Private Label Lunchables can be a great alternative to Original Lunchables. They offer a variety of flavors, combinations and ingredients to meet different tastes and dietary needs.

Are off-brand Lunchables suitable for kids as well as adults?

Answer: Absolutely! Private label Lunchables are designed to appeal to both kids and adults. Some options are tailored specifically for kids, while others offer more sophisticated flavors that adults can enjoy.

Do Private Label Lunchables provide a balanced meal?

Answer: Private label Lunchables are convenient snacks, but may not provide a complete and balanced meal by themselves. It’s a good idea to supplement these snacks with additional fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods to ensure a balanced diet.

Can private label Lunchables accommodate dietary restrictions?

Answer: Yes, private label Lunchables can accommodate dietary restrictions. Many brands offer gluten-free options, and off-brand Lunchables are available for those on vegetarian or plant-based diets.

Are off-brand Lunchables less expensive than Original Lunchables?

Answer: Off-brand Lunchables are often more cost-effective than Original Lunchables. They offer similar convenience and variety at a lower price, making them a budget-friendly option for those who enjoy snacking on a regular basis.