Smoke in Style: The Top 7 Cold Smoke Generators of 2024

7 Best Cold Smoke Generators Of 2024

Are you a barbecue enthusiast looking to enhance the flavor of your meats and other foods? If so, a cold smoke generator could be the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking and smoking repertoire. Cold smoking is a technique that imparts a delicious, smoky flavor to your food without actually cooking it, making it a popular choice for preserving and flavoring various ingredients. To get the best results, you’ll need a high-quality cold smoke generator. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 7 best cold smoke generators of 2024.

1. Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator

The Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator is a versatile option for both hot and cold smoking. It is constructed of heavy gauge, precision machined aluminum for durability and longevity. This smoke generator can be attached to grills or pellet smokers, allowing you to add the perfect smoky flavor to your food. With an adjustable airflow rate and a smoking time of 3-4 hours, it is an excellent choice for high-volume cooking and is suitable for use with standard-sized grills.

2. Smokehouse Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator

The Smokehouse Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator is an electrically powered device that can be used with a wide range of outdoor cooking devices, including pellet grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, and smokers. This versatile generator is incredibly easy to use. Just fill the tube with wood-based fuel, plug it into a power source, and let it work its magic. It is perfect for smoking meats, eggs, cheese, salts and beans. Its efficient design ensures it uses less fuel while still delivering excellent cold smoking results.

3. A-Maze-N Pellet Tube Smoker

The A-Maze-N Pellet Tube Smoker is a convenient and easy-to-use cold smoke generator. It is designed to produce consistent smoke for up to 4 hours, allowing you to achieve that perfect smoky flavor. This compact unit is constructed of durable stainless steel and is compatible with a variety of grills and smokers. It works by filling the tube with wood pellets and igniting them with a small flame. The pellets smolder slowly, providing a continuous stream of smoke to flavor your food.

4. A-Maze-N Sawdust Maze Smoke Generator

If you’re looking for a unique and efficient cold smoke generator, look no further than the A-Maze-N Sawdust Maze Smoke Generator. Shaped like a maze, this generator can smoke food for up to 8 hours, making it ideal for longer smoking sessions. It is designed to work with sawdust, which provides a rich and flavorful smoke. The compact size of this generator allows it to fit easily into most grills and smokers, making it a versatile option for home use.

5. Lanney Pellet Tube Smoker

The Lanney Pellet Tube Smoker is a hexagonal cold smoke generator that measures 12 inches in length. This passive smoke generator is designed to produce consistent smoke for up to 5 hours, allowing you to infuse your food with a delicious smoky flavor. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is durable and corrosion resistant. The hexagonal shape prevents the tube from rolling and ensures even smoke distribution. This smoke generator is compatible with a wide range of grills and smokers, making it a versatile choice.

6. Cave Tools Pellet Tube Wood Smoker Box

The Cave Tools Pellet Tube Wood Smoker Box is a larger than average passive cold smoke generator that offers excellent smoking performance. With a length of 12 inches, it can provide up to 5 hours of smoke. This smoke generator is constructed of durable stainless steel and features evenly spaced vents for optimal smoke distribution. It is compatible with a variety of grills and smokers and is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the tube with wood pellets, light it and enjoy the flavorful results.

7. Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator

The Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator is a versatile and easy-to-use option that automatically heats wood chips at the touch of a button. This active smoke generator is compatible with several Masterbuilt smokers and can provide consistent smoke for up to 6 hours. It features an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to adjust smoke intensity and duration. With its convenient design and reliable performance, this cold smoke generator is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced smokers.

Bottom Line

When it comes to enhancing the flavor of your grilled and smoked foods, a cold smoke generator is an invaluable tool. The 7 cold smoke generators listed above offer a range of features and options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, investing in a quality cold smoke generator will elevate your cooking and allow you to create delicious, smoky flavors that will impress your family and friends. Consider your specific needs, such as the type of fuel you prefer and compatibility with your existing grill or smoker, when choosing the best cold smoke generator for you. With one of these top picks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master cold smoker and delighting your taste buds with incredible smoky creations. Happy smoking!


What is a cold smoke generator?

A Cold Smoke Generator is a device that produces smoke without generating heat, allowing you to flavor and preserve food without cooking it.

What foods can I cold smoke?

Cold smoking is suitable for a wide range of foods, including meats (such as sausages, bacon, and fish), cheeses, vegetables, butter, olives, and even honey. The possibilities are endless!

How does a cold smoke generator work?

Cold smoke generators typically burn wood chips or pellets to produce smoke. The smoke is then directed into a separate chamber where the food is placed, allowing it to absorb the smoky flavors without being exposed to direct heat.

Can I use a cold smoke generator with my existing grill or smoker?

Yes, many cold smoke generators are designed to be compatible with different types of grills and smokers. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions to ensure proper use.

How long can I use these generators to cold smoke food?

The duration of cold smoking can vary depending on the specific generator and the type of food being smoked. Some generators can provide smoke for a few hours, while others can provide smoke for up to 8 hours or more. Check the product instructions for recommended smoking times.

Are cold smoke generators safe to use?

When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, cold smoke generators are generally safe. However, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions, such as using them in well-ventilated areas and keeping them away from flammable materials. Safety should always be a priority when using any cooking device.