Sweet Success: The 5 Best Powdered Sugars of 2024

5 Best Powdered Sugars of 2024

Powdered sugar, also known as confectioners’ sugar, is an essential ingredient for both home and professional bakers. It adds a velvety smoothness to frostings and icings, and it helps create tender and moist cookies and cakes. In this article, we will explore the top 5 best powdered sugars of 2023, as determined by Foods Guy. These powdered sugars were carefully selected based on their quality, features, and customer reviews.

1. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar is a premium quality powdered sugar option that is both organic and fair trade. It is made from cane sugar that is hand-cut, sustainably harvested and ethically produced in Paraguay. This powdered sugar has a 12x grind, which means it is even finer than regular powdered sugar, ensuring it dissolves quickly in your blends. It is made with tapioca starch instead of corn starch, making it suitable for people who wish to avoid corn products. The organic cane sugar used in this powdered sugar creates a rich and creamy texture with a hint of toffee flavor.

2. Domino Confectioners Sugar 10X Pure Cane Sugar Powder

Domino Confectioners Sugar is a reliable and traditional powdered sugar option. It is produced by Domino, a well-established sugar brand founded in 1807. This powdered sugar is 10x ground, resulting in a silky smooth texture suitable for a variety of recipes, including icings and glazes. It contains cornstarch to prevent caking and ensure long-term freshness. Domino Confectioners Sugar is available in 4lb bags, making it convenient for both prolific bakers and bargain hunters.

3. C&H Powdered Sugar

C&H Powdered Sugar is a standard and reliable choice for powdered sugar. It’s made from pure cane sugar, which ensures a perfectly white color that won’t affect color-sensitive recipes. This sugar is comparable to other sugars in its class and offers a good quality product at a competitive price. It is available in both 4lb and 16oz cartons for convenient storage and use.

4. Member’s Mark Powdered Sugar

Member’s Mark Powdered Sugar is an excellent option for serious bakers who need a large supply of powdered sugar. It comes in a 7-pound bulk bag, making it ideal for individuals who bake regularly and don’t want to replace their powdered sugar frequently. This powdered sugar has a 10x ultra-fine grind that is suitable for all powdered sugar applications. The resealable bag ensures long-term storage of this bulk product.

5. Swerve Sweetener, Confectioners

Swerve Sweetener’s Confectioners is a sugar alternative powdered sugar that is perfect for people looking to reduce their sugar intake. It contains zero net carbohydrates, making it both diet and keto friendly. The texture of this powdered sugar serves as a suitable replacement for regular powdered sugar in any recipe. It is made with erythritol, which provides a sweet taste without the bitter aftertaste often associated with alternative sweeteners.

Powdered Sugar Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good alternative to powdered sugar?
If you’re looking for a healthy powdered sugar substitute that isn’t real sugar, Swerve Powdered Sugar Substitute is a great option. It provides the perfect texture for recipes and is made with erythritol, which is considered a safe and natural sugar alternative. Other alternatives such as stevia and monk fruit can also be used, but it’s important to make sure they don’t affect the texture or consistency of your baked goods.
2. How do I make powdered sugar at home?
To make powdered sugar at home, you’ll need a powerful blender or food processor designed for making flour. Make sure the machine is completely dry before you begin. Mix granulated sugar with cornstarch until you have a fine powder. Mix the sugar with a spatula between blending to remove any large granules. Over-blend if necessary to achieve a smooth texture, as even small granules can affect your recipe.
3. Powdered Sugar vs. Granulated Sugar in Cookies?
Use caution when substituting powdered sugar for granulated sugar in cookies. Powdered sugar is typically used in recipes where the sugar needs to melt smoothly and quickly. It helps create a smoother texture in cookies. However, granulated sugar can be used as a substitute with proper adjustments to the recipe.

Powdered sugar is a versatile ingredient that enhances the texture and flavor of a variety of baked goods. The Top 5 Powdered Sugars of 2023, as recommended by Foods Guy, offer a range of options from organic and fair trade to traditional and reliable choices. Whether you’re a professional baker or an amateur enthusiast, these powders will ensure excellent results in your recipes. Consider your preferences and baking needs when choosing the best powdered sugar for your culinary creations. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar stands out as a premium option, while Domino Confectioners Sugar offers reliability and tradition. C&H Powdered Sugar offers a standard yet dependable choice, and Member’s Mark Powdered Sugar is for those who need a bulk supply. Finally, Swerve Sweetener, Confectioners offers a sugar alternative for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.
When it comes to replacing powdered sugar, Swerve Confectioners Sugar Replacement is a recommended alternative. Making powdered sugar at home is possible by mixing granulated sugar with cornstarch to a fine powder. It’s important to note, however, that powdered sugar and granulated sugar have different properties in cookie recipes, so adjustments may be necessary.
In summary, the Top 5 Powdered Sugars of 2024 offer options for different preferences and baking needs. These powdered sugars will enhance your baked goods and ensure a delightful culinary experience.


What makes powdered sugar the best?

Factors such as quality, taste, texture, versatility and customer reviews are considered when determining the best powdered sugars. The selected powders offer exceptional performance in a variety of recipes and meet the needs and preferences of bakers.

Can I use powdered sugar as a substitute for granulated sugar?

Powdered sugar can generally be used as a substitute for granulated sugar in certain recipes, but adjustments may be necessary. Powdered sugar contains cornstarch, which affects the texture and sweetness of the final product. It is best to consult a recipe or baking expert for specific substitution guidelines.

Are the powdered sugars listed suitable for dietary restrictions?

Some of the listed powdered sugars may be suitable for certain dietary restrictions. For example, Swerve Sweetener’s Confectioners is a sugar alternative that is keto-friendly and contains zero net carbs. However, it’s important to check labels and ingredients to ensure compatibility with individual dietary needs.

How should I store powdered sugar?

Powdered sugar should be stored in an airtight container away from moisture and heat. It is best stored in a cool, dry place such as a pantry or cupboard. Proper storage will help prevent clumping and maintain the quality and freshness of the powdered sugar.

Can powdered sugar expire or go bad?

While powdered sugar does not technically expire, it can go bad or lose quality over time. It is recommended that powdered sugar be used within one to two years of purchase. If the powdered sugar develops an off odor, unusual texture or discoloration, it is best to discard it and replace it with fresh powdered sugar.

Is organic powdered sugar worth considering?

Organic powdered sugar offers the assurance that it is produced without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It may be a preferred choice for individuals who prioritize organic and sustainable food options. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar is one of the options listed in this article that offers both organic and Fair Trade certifications.