The 7 Best Tomatoes for Tacos: A Flavorful Guide

Best Tomatoes for Tacos: A Comprehensive Guide


Tacos, a popular Mexican dish, provide a versatile canvas for a wide range of flavors and toppings. Among these toppings, tomatoes play a crucial role in giving tacos a fresh and vibrant flavor. However, not all tomatoes are created equal when it comes to pairing them with taco fillings.

1. Roma tomatoes:

Roma tomatoes, also known as plum tomatoes, are a popular choice for tacos because of their deliciously fresh flavor and vibrant color. These tomatoes are meaty and hold their shape well so they don’t get lost in the other fillings.

2. Cherry Tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes are another great option for making tacos. These small, juicy tomatoes have an intense flavor that works especially well with beef and pork tacos.

3. Grape tomatoes:

If you prefer even smaller tomatoes, consider using grape tomatoes in your tacos. These tomatoes are about half the size of cherry tomatoes and have a sweet, mild flavor.

4. Beefsteak tomatoes:

Unlike the smaller varieties, beefsteak tomatoes are known for their large size and firm texture. These sturdy tomatoes work exceptionally well when sliced and used as taco fillings.

5. Vine tomatoes:

Vine tomatoes not only look great, they taste great when used in tacos. These tomatoes, while still on the vine, have a longer shelf life and keep fresher in the refrigerator longer.

6. Heirloom tomatoes:

For those looking for a burst of color and unique flavors, heirloom tomatoes are an exciting option. These tomatoes come in a variety of shades and colors, such as bright green, light purple or pale yellow.

7. Green tomatoes:

While not the most common choice for tacos, green tomatoes offer a unique and adventurous twist. Unlike ripe red tomatoes, green tomatoes are slightly tart with a spicy flavor.

Use canned tomatoes for tacos:

When it comes to tacos, fresh flavors are key to achieving an authentic taste. While canned tomatoes may seem like a convenient option, they do not offer the same freshness, sweetness, and acidity balance as fresh tomatoes.


Choosing the right tomatoes for your tacos can enhance the overall flavor and experience of this popular Mexican dish. From classic Roma tomatoes to adventurous green tomatoes, each variety brings its own unique characteristics to the table.


Can I use any kind of tomato in tacos?

Yes, you can use any type of tomato in tacos. However, certain tomatoes, such as Roma, cherry, beefsteak, grape, and heirloom, are particularly good for tacos because of their flavor, texture, and water content.

Do I need to seed the tomatoes?

It is recommended to remove the seeds from tomatoes, especially if they have a high water content. Removing the seeds helps prevent the tacos from becoming too soggy and maintains a desirable texture. However, some tomatoes, such as cherry and grape tomatoes, have fewer seeds and can be used without removing them.

Can I use canned tomatoes in tacos?

While fresh tomatoes are preferred for their fresh flavor, canned tomatoes can be used if you plan to cook the tomato filling for your tacos. Canned tomatoes can add a rich and concentrated flavor to simmered or braised meat fillings. Just be sure to drain the excess liquid from the canned tomatoes before using them in your recipe.

What are the best tomatoes to use in beef tacos?

Tomatoes with a robust flavor, such as Roma or beefsteak tomatoes, work well in beef tacos. These tomatoes can stand up to the strong flavors of beef and add a burst of freshness and acidity to the tacos.

Are green tomatoes good for tacos?

While not as commonly used, green tomatoes can be a unique and adventurous addition to tacos. They have a slightly tart and spicy flavor that adds another dimension to the flavor. Green tomatoes work best with chicken or seafood tacos and can be sliced and seasoned to create a distinct flavor profile.

Can I mix different types of tomatoes in my tacos?

Absolutely! Mixing different types of tomatoes can add complexity and depth to the flavor of your tacos. You can experiment with combinations of Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and other varieties to create a unique and delicious taco experience.