The Top 11 Brown Rice Brands of 2024: Discover the Best Options for Nutritious and Flavorful Meals

Discover the Top 11 Brown Rice Brands of 2024

As more people seek to improve the health and nutritional value of their staple foods, brown rice has gained popularity as a healthier alternative to white rice. With its unique flavor and texture, brown rice offers a delightful transition for your taste buds. But with so many options available, how do you determine the best brown rice brands to choose from? Look no further! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the 11 Best Brown Rice Brands of 2023 to make your buying decision easier.

1. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice

If you’re looking for premium quality, Lundberg Family Farms is a leading brand in the US. Their Organic Long Brown Rice is a favorite among rice lovers. This long-grain brown rice has a meaty, chewy texture and an earthy, nutty flavor that adds depth to your dishes. While it takes longer to cook than white rice, the end result is well worth the wait. Perfect for slow cooking dishes such as soups, chilies and stews, Lundberg’s long grain brown rice is a versatile and nutritious choice.

2. Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Seeds of Change offers a convenient and flavorful option with their Organic Brown Basmati Rice. This ready-to-serve pouch contains aromatic and nutty brown rice that cooks to perfection in just 90 seconds. Free from preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, this basmati rice is a delicious addition to any meal. However, it’s important to ensure that the package is undamaged to avoid spoilage.

3. Iberian Brown Jasmine Rice

Iberia sources its Jasmine Brown Rice from several countries including Vietnam, Brazil, India and the USA. Jasmine rice is naturally tender and fluffy, making it an excellent choice for those new to brown rice. This long-grain jasmine brown rice cooks faster than many other types of brown rice, ready in as little as 20 minutes. While it may not have the same level of flavor and aroma as white jasmine rice, toasting it before cooking can enhance its nutty flavor.

4. Pride of India – Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice

For lovers of Indian cuisine, Pride of India offers an exceptional extra long grain brown basmati rice. This carefully aged rice is naturally grown without the use of GMOs, allowing the distinctive basmati flavor and aroma to develop. With a cooking time of 10-15 minutes, this rice is perfect for curries and simmering sauces. However, it’s important to note that occasional packaging damage may occur during delivery.

5. 365 Everyday Value Organic Brown Rice

365 Everyday Value by Whole Foods is known for its great value and organic products. Their organic brown rice comes in convenient 20-ounce bags, offering more value per package compared to other instant rice options. While it may not have an exceptional flavor or aroma, this whole grain rice serves as an excellent side dish or ingredient in a variety of recipes. Remember to store the ready-to-serve package in the freezer for optimal freshness.

6. Diamond G Brown Rice

Grown in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California, Diamond G Brown Rice is produced by the Farmers’ Rice Cooperative. This brand is committed to delivering high quality rice through meticulous growing, harvesting, drying and milling processes. With a focus on freshness and consistency, Diamond G offers sticky and flavorful Japonica rice that is ideal for sushi and other Asian dishes.

7. Augason Farms Brown Rice

If you’re looking for bulk options, Augason Farms offers long-grain brown rice in a convenient bucket package. Perfect for long-term food storage or preparing meals for large gatherings, this brown rice retains its quality and flavor. Whether you’re cooking for your family or stocking up for emergencies, Augason Farms brown rice is a reliable choice.

8. Good Reason Brown Rice Calrose

Good Reason Rice excels in the production of organic brown Calrose rice. Known for its sticky texture, Calrose rice is a popular choice for sushi and other Asian cuisines. This organic variety offers a healthier alternative without compromising on taste or texture. Enjoy the convenience of this glutinous rice in your favorite dishes.

9. Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, Nishiki offers premium quality Japanese brown rice. This fluffy and aromatic rice retains its distinctive characteristics, making it a delicious addition to your meals. With its unique taste and texture, Nishiki Premium Brown Rice is a popular choice among rice connoisseurs.

10. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Whole Grain

For those looking for convenience, Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice offers an instant whole grain brown rice option. Perfect for quick and easy meals, this ready-to-serve rice is packed with nutrients and cooks in just 90 seconds. Whether you’re preparing a stir-fry or a grain bowl, Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice provides a healthy and satisfying base for your dishes.

11. Minute Instant Brown Rice

Minute Instant Brown Rice is another convenient option for those with busy lifestyles. This non-GMO instant rice cooks in just 10 minutes, making it a time-saving solution for your meals. While it may not have the same texture as traditionally cooked brown rice, it offers a quick and easy alternative without compromising on flavor.
With our comprehensive list of the 11 Best Brown Rice Brands of 2024, you can now make an informed decision based on your preferences and cooking needs. Whether you’re looking for organic options, specific grain lengths, or instant varieties, there’s a brown rice brand to suit your taste and dietary needs. Enjoy the nutritional benefits and delicious flavors of brown rice in your everyday meals!


What is the difference between brown rice and white rice?

Brown rice is less processed than white rice, leaving the outer layers of bran intact and removing only the tough hull. This results in a chewier texture and nuttier flavor compared to the softer and milder flavor of white rice.

Is Brown Rice Healthier than White Rice?

Yes, brown rice is generally considered to be healthier than white rice. It contains higher levels of fiber, protein, and antioxidants due to the presence of the bran and germ layers. Brown rice also has a lower impact on blood sugar levels and may help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

How long does it take to cook brown rice?

Brown rice typically takes longer to cook than white rice due to the outer bran and germ layers. Cooking time can vary depending on the variety and length of the grain, but is usually between 40 and 50 minutes. It’s best to follow the instructions on the package for specific cooking times.

Can I substitute brown rice for white rice in recipes?

Yes, you can substitute brown rice for white rice in most recipes. However, keep in mind that brown rice has a different texture and takes longer to cook. You may need to adjust the cooking time and amount of liquid to achieve the desired consistency in your dishes.

How should I store brown rice to keep it fresh?

To keep brown rice fresh, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid storing it in the refrigerator, as fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect its quality. When properly stored, brown rice can stay fresh for up to 6 months.