The Top 7 Yerba Mate Brands: A Comprehensive Review

The 7 Best Yerba Mate Brands: A Comprehensive Review

Yerba mate, a popular South American hot beverage, is gaining global recognition for its nutritious health profile and moderate caffeine content. Due to different methods of harvesting, drying, and packaging, the taste and consistency of yerba mate can vary significantly. In this article, we present a list of the 7 best yerba mate brands, taking into account factors such as taste, production practices, price, and ease of use.

1. Cruz de Malta

Cruz de Malta stands out for its unsmoked yerba mate blend, which includes stems for a neutral, woody flavor. This traditional brand offers a higher concentration of stems, which results in less powder and prevents clogging of the mate straw during preparation. While the inclusion of stems may be unappealing to some, it is a traditional method that adds a distinct woody note to the flavor.

2. Rosemary

Rosamente is a family-owned company with a longstanding commitment to yerba mate. Their blend is lightly smoked, which adds an extra dimension of flavor. Compared to other brands, Rosamente contains fewer stems and has a finer grind, which is beneficial for many mate drinkers. However, it is important to note that this blend tends to have a higher dust content, which may require careful preparation to avoid clogging the strainer.

3. Guayaki

Guayaki is committed to sustainable farming practices and offers organic yerba mate in convenient tea bags. Their yerba mate is lightly smoked for a subtle and enjoyable flavor. While the use of tea bags may be a departure from the traditional loose-leaf form, it offers ease of use for those accustomed to tea bags. However, it is important to read the packaging carefully as loose-leaf yerba mate is the norm.

4. Taragui

Taragui is a widely recognized brand and a favorite among local yerba mate drinkers in Argentina. The company effectively markets and provides English-language information about the health benefits, caffeine content, and preparation methods of its yerba mate. Taragui’s strategic drying and aging process contributes to well-developed flavors. It is worth noting that the term “con palos” used on their packaging does not indicate the percentage of stems included.

5. Canary Islands

Canarias stands out as a brand of yerba mate harvested in southern Brazil. While it shares similarities with Argentine blends, it offers a brighter and fruitier flavor profile with less bitterness. The drying process imparts a slight smoky aroma that complements the flavor. Canarias contains no stems, resulting in a rich and smooth texture reminiscent of chocolate. However, the absence of stems contributes to a higher dust content, requiring the use of a fine grain filter to prevent graininess.

6. Kiss Me Organics

Kiss Me Organics is an American company that works with organic and sustainable farms around the world. Their yerba mate tea bags offer convenience and come in a variety of unique flavors. While these tea bags are a departure from the traditional loose-leaf form, they serve as an excellent introduction to yerba mate for those new to the beverage. The brand’s commitment to organic farming practices resonates with a North American audience.

7. Ecoteas

Ecoteas is an American-owned company dedicated to consumer health and environmental sustainability. Their organic, unsmoked yerba mate tea is produced in partnership with an Argentine university and a fair trade development fund. Stem-free and dust-free, this carefully sifted yerba mate is easily brewed using a French press or traditional bombilla. It is important to note that despite the marketing emphasis on “no dust,” the product can still have a powdery texture.

Bottom line

When it comes to choosing the best yerba mate brand, personal taste and preferences play an important role. The list of the 7 best yerba mate brands presented in this article includes both traditional and more modern approaches to yerba mate. Whether you prefer a traditional blend with added flavors or a non-traditional blend with fewer stems, there is a brand on this list to suit your preferences. Incorporating yerba mate into your daily life can introduce you to a flavorful and energizing hot beverage with numerous health benefits.


What is the difference between the 7 best brands of yerba mate?

The 7 Best Yerba Mate Brands were selected based on factors such as taste, responsible production practices, reasonable pricing, and ease of use. These brands offer a combination of traditional and modern approaches to yerba mate, providing consumers with a variety of options.

Is yerba mate similar to green tea?

Yerba mate is often compared to green tea, but it is not green tea. While both are caffeinated beverages, yerba mate is made from its own herb and has a distinct flavor profile and cultural significance.

Are any of the yerba mate brands on this list suitable for beginners?

Yes, the list includes yerba mate brands that cater to both experienced drinkers and beginners. Some brands offer non-traditional blends with added flavors and fewer stems, which may be more accessible to those new to yerba mate.

Can I find organic yerba mate brands on this list?

Yes, the list includes organic yerba mate brands such as Guayaki and Kiss Me Organics. These brands prioritize organic farming practices and offer consumers a more sustainable choice.

Are these brands of yerba mate available internationally?

While availability may vary depending on your location, many of the brands on this list have expanded their distribution worldwide. Online platforms and specialty stores are often good sources for purchasing these yerba mate brands, even if they are not available locally.

How should I prepare yerba mate?

Yerba mate is traditionally prepared by steeping the leaves in hot water and sipping through a metal straw called a bombilla. Each brand may have specific recommendations for preparation, so it is advisable to check the packaging or the brand’s instructions for the best brewing method.