The Ultimate Guide to Parchment Paper in Air Fryer: Unveiling the Best Air Fryer Liners

Parchment Paper in Air Fryer – Best Air Fryer Liners

Air fryers have revolutionized cooking in the 21st century, providing a healthier alternative to deep-frying while still delivering that coveted crispy texture. When using an air fryer, it’s important to protect the bottom of the unit, prevent food from sticking to it, and simplify the cleaning process. A common solution is to use parchment paper as a liner, but there are other options available. In this article, we will explore the use of parchment paper and other alternatives, as well as recommend the best air fryer liners on the market.

Do You Need Air Fryer Liners?

Although using liners in an air fryer is not necessary, there are several reasons why you may choose to use them:

  1. Prevent food from sticking: Liners reduce the likelihood of food sticking to the bottom of the fryer. This not only makes cleanup easier, but also prevents delicate foods such as fish from being torn or damaged.
  2. Easy cleaning: Liners make cleaning your fryer and accessories quick and easy. They save time and energy while reducing wear and tear, extending the life and efficiency of your appliance.
  3. Crisp food: Air fryer liners can help crisp your food while minimizing the risk of burning. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, allowing your food to become hot and crispy without direct exposure to the heat source.

What can you put in your air fryer?

An air fryer combines the functions of a microwave and an oven, but there are certain guidelines to follow:

  1. Parchment paper: Yes, you can use parchment paper in an air fryer. However, it should never be placed in the fryer by itself. Always place it under your food to prevent it from blowing around and potentially causing a fire. Also, make sure the parchment paper is perforated to allow for proper airflow and is the correct size for your air fryer.
  2. Aluminum foil: Aluminum foil is safe to use in an air fryer, but it has limitations. Covering all the holes in the fryer basket with foil will block airflow and prevent your food from crisping properly. It’s best to use aluminum foil sparingly, leaving some air holes open.
  3. Bakeware: If you have oven-safe ceramic, glass, metal, or silicone bakeware, you can use it in your air fryer. However, be aware of the height of the pan and its effect on airflow. If the pan covers the vents or restricts airflow, it may affect the cooking process.

What NOT to put in your air fryer

There are a few things that should never be used in an air fryer:

  1. Paper towels: Avoid using paper towels in an air fryer as they can easily catch fire when exposed to the heating element. Heat from the bottom of the fryer can also burn the paper towels, creating a fire hazard.
  2. Wax paper: Do not confuse wax paper with parchment paper and use it in your air fryer. The wax coating on the paper will smoke and melt when exposed to heat, creating a messy and smelly situation. It can ruin your food, damage your fryer, and set off smoke detectors.

Types of air fryer liners

If you prefer not to make your own liners, there are ready-made options on the market. Here are three types of fryer liners:

  1. Silicone Basket: A silicone basket is a versatile option that can be used directly in your air fryer. It usually has raised lines on the bottom to allow for proper airflow and to catch any drippings. Silicone baskets are easy to clean and can also be used in the oven or microwave.
  2. Perforated parchment paper liners: Perforated parchment paper liners are the most commonly used liners in air fryers. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes designed specifically for air fryer use. These liners have holes punched out to ensure proper airflow while protecting the bottom of the fryer.
  3. Air Fryer Silicone Mat: A silicone mat combines the benefits of the silicone basket and perforated parchment paper liners. It fits over the bottom of your air fryer and is also perforated. The silicone material makes it reusable and easy to clean.

Bottom line

When using an air fryer, protecting the bottom and preventing food from sticking are important considerations. Parchment paper is a commonly used liner, but alternatives such as aluminum foil and baking paper can also be used with caution. It’s important to follow safety guidelines and ensure proper airflow in the fryer. Premade air fryer liners, such as silicone baskets, perforated parchment paper liners, and silicone mats, offer convenience and efficiency.Please note that the article provided is a summary of the content of the URL provided. The actual article based on the URL may contain more information and details.


Can I use parchment paper in an air fryer?

Yes, parchment paper can be used in an air fryer. However, it should always be placed under the food to prevent it from blowing around and potentially causing a fire. Make sure the parchment paper is perforated to allow for proper airflow and is sized to fit your air fryer.

What are the benefits of using air fryer liners?

Air fryer liners offer several benefits, including preventing food from sticking to the bottom of the air fryer, making cleaning easier, and reducing wear and tear on the appliance. They also help to crisp food with less risk of burning.

Are there alternatives to parchment paper for fryer liners?

Yes, there are alternatives to parchment paper for fryer liners. Some commonly used alternatives include aluminum foil, oven-safe ceramic, glass, metal or silicone bakeware, and pre-made silicone baskets or mats designed specifically for air fryers.

Can I use paper towels or wax paper as an air fryer liner?

No, paper towels should not be used as fryer liners as they can easily catch fire when exposed to the heating element. Wax paper should also be avoided as the wax coating can melt and create a messy situation. Stick to parchment paper or other recommended alternatives.

Do I need to use fryer liners?

Using air fryer liners is not mandatory, but they can be beneficial. They help prevent food from sticking, make cleanup easier, and help achieve a crispy texture without burning the food. Ultimately, the decision to use liners depends on personal preference and the specific recipe being prepared.

Can I reuse fryer liners?

It depends on the type of liner. Silicone baskets and mats are generally reusable and easy to clean. However, pre-perforated parchment paper liners are usually designed for single use. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance on reusability.