The Ultimate Ranking: 12 Best Reign Flavors for Every Taste Preference

Reign energy drinks have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their exhilarating taste and potential benefits. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, Reign offers options for every taste preference. This article will rank the top 12 Reign flavors based on overall taste, effervescence, and popularity. It is important to note that individual preferences may vary, so these rankings are subjective.

What is Reign and why is it so popular?

Reign Total Body Fuel is a sugar-free energy drink that was introduced by Monster Beverage Corporation in 2019. Since its launch, Reign has become a favorite among energy drink enthusiasts for several reasons.
One of the main factors contributing to Reign’s popularity is its variety of unique flavors. With 16 flavors currently available, Reign offers a wide range of options, from classic orange to more unique combinations like jalapeño strawberry. These flavors have their own distinct taste and fizz, which sets Reign apart from other energy drinks on the market.
Another reason for Reign’s popularity is its sugar-free formula. Unlike many other drinks and sodas that contain high levels of sugar, Reign energy drinks are completely sugar-free. This has attracted health-conscious individuals looking for a low-calorie alternative to traditional energy drinks.
Speaking of calories, Reign energy drinks only contain about 10 calories per serving. While the company often advertises its drinks as calorie-free, it is important to note that there is still a minimal calorie content. However, compared to other high-sugar, high-calorie drinks, Reign offers a significantly lower calorie option.
In addition, Reign energy drinks are considered affordable compared to some other energy drinks on the market. While they may not be as cheap as some alternatives, many people choose to buy Reign in bulk to save money and ensure a steady supply of energy.

Factors to consider when choosing a Reign flavor

With over 16 flavors available, choosing the right Reign flavor can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Fruit or ingredients: Each Reign flavor has a distinct fruity taste. Consider your favorite fruit flavors when choosing a flavor. For example, if you enjoy the taste of orange and mango, Orange Dreamsicle or Mang-O-Matic would be good options. Conversely, if you’re not a fan of strawberry, you may want to avoid Strawberry Sublime.
  2. Sweetness: While Reign beverages contain no added sweetness, some flavors may have a naturally sweeter taste than others. If you prefer sweeter flavors, options such as Strawberry Sublime or Mang-O-Matic would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you enjoy a more sour taste, flavors like Lemon HDZ or Sour Apple would be better choices.
  3. Energy needs: Reign offers two types of energy drinks: Total Body Fuel and Inferno. The Inferno line contains additional ingredients that make it “thermogenic” and aid in calorie reduction. Consider your energy needs and whether you would benefit from the added ingredients in the Inferno line.

Ranking of the 12 Best Reign Flavors

Based on overall taste, fizz and popularity, here is a list of the 12 best Reign flavors:

  1. Orange Dreamsicle: Tart and very sweet, this flavor combines the refreshing taste of orange with a hint of vanilla. Reminiscent of a delicious orange popsicle, it provides a burst of energy without the added sugar or calories.
  2. Razzle Berry: Slightly tart with mild sweetness, Razzle Berry offers a unique raspberry flavor. It is a great choice for those who prefer a fruity taste without excessive sweetness.
  3. Melon Mania: This flavor has a dominant melon juice taste that is both energizing and invigorating. It is sweet, although some people may find it too sweet for their taste. There may also be a slight medicinal smell and aftertaste.
  4. Lilikoi Lychee: A blend of passion fruit (lilikoi) and lychee, this flavor offers a unique and exotic fruit taste. It may not be suitable for those unfamiliar with lychee or lilikoi flavors, and some individuals may find it slightly chemical.
  5. Sour Apple: As the name suggests, this flavor offers a sweet and slightly tart taste reminiscent of green apple Jolly Ranchers. It is a favorite among those who enjoy sour energy drinks and offers a lower sugar and calorie content compared to similar flavors.
  6. Lemon HDZ: With a combination of sweet, sour and tart flavors, Lemon HDZ offers a refreshing lemon taste. It is worth a try for those who enjoy the taste of lemons, although it has a slightly metallic and pungent taste that may not appeal to everyone.
  7. Peach Fizz: This flavor offers a mild sweetness with a subtle peach flavor. It is a more delicate option compared to some of the bolder flavors, making it suitable for those who prefer a milder and less overpowering taste.
  8. Mang-O-Matic: Offering a mildly sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste, Mang-O-Matic combines the taste of mango with a slightly tangy undertone. Some people may find the bitter aftertaste off-putting, but it can be a refreshing choice for mango lovers.
  9. Red Dragon: This flavor delivers a very sweet taste that may appeal to individuals with a strong preference for sugary flavors. It provides a burst of energy and a bold flavor profile, although it may be too sweet for some individuals.
  10. Strawberry Sublime: With a mildly sweet and tropical taste, Strawberry Sublime is a popular flavor option. It offers a refreshing strawberry taste that is not overly sweet, making it a balanced choice for those who enjoy fruity energy drinks.
  11. Carnival Candy: This flavor offers a sweet and nostalgic taste reminiscent of cotton candy. It may be a hit with people who enjoy sugary and indulgent flavors. However, some may find it too sweet for their tastes.
  12. Lemon Hdz: Sweet with a mild tartness, Lemon HDZ offers a more balanced and milder lemon flavor compared to other lemon-based flavors. It is a good choice for those who prefer a less intense citrus taste.

Bottom line

Reign Energy Drinks offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy different taste preferences. Whether you enjoy tangy and sweet flavors, fruity combinations, or more unique tastes, there is a Reign flavor for everyone. While the rankings in this article are subjective, they serve as a guide to help you navigate the various options available. Consider your favorite fruit flavors, desired level of sweetness, and energy needs when choosing the best Reign flavor for you. Remember to drink energy drinks in moderation and consult a health care professional if you have any concerns about their consumption. Enjoy your Reign Energy Drink and stay energized!


How many Reign flavors are there?

Currently there are over 16 Reign flavors available, including both regular Total Body Fuel flavors and Inferno flavors.

Are Reign energy drinks sugar free?

Yes, Reign Energy Drinks are completely sugar free, making them a popular choice for those looking for a low calorie alternative to traditional energy drinks.

Do Reign energy drinks contain calories?

While Reign is often advertised as calorie-free, it actually contains about 10 calories per serving. However, this is significantly lower than other high sugar and high calorie energy drinks.

What is the most popular flavor of Reign?

The popularity of Reign flavors can vary depending on individual preferences. However, Orange Dreamsicle, Razzle Berry, and Melon Mania have gained significant popularity among Reign enthusiasts.

Are Reign Energy Drinks affordable?

While Reign energy drinks may not be as cheap as some alternatives, they are considered affordable. Many people choose to buy them in bulk to save money and ensure a steady supply of energy.

Are there any additional ingredients in the Reign Inferno flavors?

Yes, Reign Inferno flavors contain additional ingredients that make them “thermogenic” and aid in calorie reduction. These flavors are designed for people with specific energy needs.