Toast in Style: Unveiling the Top 3 Retro Toasters of 2024

Discover the best retro toasters of 2024

Looking to add a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm to your kitchen? A retro toaster is the perfect appliance to achieve that old-fashioned aesthetic while still enjoying modern functionality. To help you find the best retro toaster for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top three retro toasters of 2023. Let’s dive in!

Retro Toasters: What to Consider

When choosing a retro toaster, there are a few key factors to consider:

Toaster Dimensions

Consider the size of the toaster and make sure it fits well on your kitchen counter. Retro toasters are meant to be displayed, so it is important to find one that complements your kitchen décor.

Toaster Material

The material of the toaster is crucial for durability and safety. Stainless steel bodies are recommended for their heat resistance and ease of maintenance.

Slots Dimensions

If you enjoy toasting bagels and thick artisan breads, choose a retro toaster with wide slots to accommodate different bread sizes.

Toast Stages

Choose a retro toaster with multiple browning or toasting levels to achieve your desired shade of toast.

Other features

Consider additional features such as special settings (bagel, defrost, cancel), a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, and automatic or manual lever operation.

The Top Three Retro Toasters of 2023

Now let’s explore the best retro toasters on the market:

1. KEEMO Retro Small Toaster

The KEEMO Retro Small Toaster is perfect for those looking for a compact and stylish retro toaster. Despite its small size, it can accommodate two wide slices of bread or bagels. With a stainless steel body, this toaster offers durability and easy maintenance. It features six browning levels, one-touch buttons and a removable crumb tray.

2. Nostalgia Wide 2 slice toaster

The Nostalgia Wide 2-Slice Toaster stands out with its bright red color and retro design. It has two extra-wide slots, ideal for toasting different sizes of bread, muffins and bagels. With five browning levels, bagel, defrost and cancel buttons, and a sliding tray for easy cleaning, this toaster combines style and functionality.

3. Smeg 50’s Retro Toaster

For those willing to invest in a quality retro toaster, the Smeg 50’s Retro Toaster is an excellent choice. Known for its timeless design, this toaster comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen aesthetic. It features six browning settings, automatic pop-up, reheat, defrost and bagel functions. With a stainless steel bread lift, non-slip feet, and touch release crumb tray, this toaster offers both style and durability.

Bottom Line

A retro toaster is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, offering a blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. When choosing a retro toaster, consider factors such as size, material, slot size, toasting levels and additional features. The KEEMO Retro Small Toaster, the Nostalgia Wide 2-Slice Toaster, and the Smeg 50’s Retro Toaster are all top contenders for the best retro toaster of 2024. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the perfect slice of toast with a touch of nostalgia.


What makes a toaster retro?

Retro toasters are characterized by their vintage-inspired design, reminiscent of kitchen appliances of the past. They often feature bright colors, rounded edges, and nostalgic elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Are retro toasters just for display?

No, retro toasters are fully functional appliances designed to toast bread just like modern toasters. While they add a stylish touch to your kitchen, they are also capable of toasting bread to your desired crispness.

Can Retro Toasters accommodate different sizes of bread?

Yes, many retro toasters have wide slots that can accommodate a variety of bread sizes, including bagels, thick slices of artisan bread, and standard slices of bread. Be sure to check the slot dimensions of the toaster you are considering.

Are retro toasters easy to clean?

Retro toasters often come with removable crumb trays that make it easy to clean and remove accumulated crumbs. In addition, some models have smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe with a damp cloth.

Do retro toasters have adjustable toasting settings?

Yes, most retro toasters offer multiple toasting or browning levels, allowing you to customize the shade of toast to your liking. This feature ensures that you can achieve the perfect level of toasting for your bread.

Are there any safety features on retro toasters?

Retro toasters typically include safety features such as automatic pop-up at the end of the toasting cycle, cool-touch exteriors to prevent burns, and non-slip feet for stability on the countertop. Always check specific product details for information on safety features.