Top 5 Oven Mitts for Cast Iron: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

5 Best Cast Iron Oven Mitts: A comprehensive review
Cooking with cast iron is a popular choice among home cooks because of its ability to enhance flavor and create a pleasing texture in dishes. However, cast iron pans can become incredibly hot during cooking, posing a risk of burns. In order to protect your hands when handling cast iron cookware, it is important to invest in high-quality oven mitts that are specifically designed for this purpose. In this article, we will review the top 5 cast iron oven mitts, considering factors such as heat resistance, materials used, ease of cleaning, maneuverability, wrist and arm protection, and non-slip designs.

1. Grill Heat Aid

The Grill Heat Aid oven mitts are an excellent choice for cast iron cooking. Made of aramid fabric, these gloves offer superior heat protection and are EN4O7 certified for safety at temperatures up to 1472°F. The gloves feature non-slip grips and are available in a longer cuff size for added wrist and forearm protection. With multiple sizes available, these gloves provide a better fit for improved maneuverability when handling cast iron. Lined with cotton for the ultimate in comfort, it is important to note that these gloves should not be exposed to liquids as they may absorb them, compromising their heat protection capabilities.


QUWIN Oven Mitts are another excellent option for cast iron enthusiasts. These gloves offer protection against temperatures up to 1472°F, similar to the Grill Heat Aid gloves. While they do not come in different sizes, they do offer options for both short and long cuffs. The gloves feature three layers of protection, including silicone palm and finger grips, an aramid fabric middle layer, and a polyester cotton blend liner for added comfort. These gloves are easy to maneuver, but may not be the best choice for those with smaller hands. They are machine washable, but it is recommended to hang to dry instead of using a dryer.

3. Grill Armor

Grill Armor oven mitts are a reliable choice for handling cast iron cookware. Made from aramid fabric, these mitts can withstand heat up to 932°F, providing ample protection even though cast iron does not typically reach such extreme temperatures. These mitts are also machine washable and offer an option with an extra long cuff for added wrist protection. In addition, Grill Armor offers a small size option for those with smaller hands. The mitts feature silicone grips on the palms and fingers for a non-slip design. As with other aramid fabric mitts, it is important to keep them dry, as exposure to liquids can compromise their heat protection capabilities.


GEEKHOM offers a cost effective option with their silicone oven mitts. While these gloves do not offer the same level of heat protection as aramid fabric gloves, they are still safe up to temperatures of 446°F, which is suitable for most cast iron cooking applications. These gloves feature a dual-layer construction for enhanced protection. The outer layer is water-resistant silicone, while the inner layer is moisture-wicking cotton. The textured silicone surface provides a better grip and ensures a non-slip design. It should be noted that GEEKHOM gloves do not come in a variety of sizes, and their thicker silicone material may make them a little more difficult to maneuver than other options. Individual preferences and usage patterns should be considered when choosing these gloves.

5. Kisential

Kisential offers silicone oven mitts in the form of a glove, providing an alternative design to traditional gloves. These mitts are heat resistant up to 550°F, making them suitable for most cast iron cooking needs. The three-layer construction includes a silicone outer layer, a cotton middle layer and a terry cloth inner layer for comfort and protection. The mitts also feature an extra-long 3.5″ cuff extension made of durable cotton twill, which helps prevent burns when reaching into ovens or handling cast iron handles. Silicone gloves are easy to clean, simply wiping off any food residue. In addition, the non-absorbent nature of silicone prevents heat transfer for optimal hand protection.

Bonus: It’s Senah Potholders

In addition to oven mitts, another option to consider when handling cast iron cookware is the use of silicone cast iron handle covers. These covers slip easily over the handles of pots and pans, providing an extra layer of protection between your hands and the heat. This extra surface area also improves grip, reducing the risk of slipping or dropping the pan and spilling hot contents. Silicone handle covers are versatile and can be used safely on both stovetops and ovens.

Bottom line

Choosing the right cast iron oven mitt is critical to your safety and enjoyment in the kitchen. After reviewing the top 5 oven mitts for cast iron, including the Grill Heat Aid, QUWIN, Grill Armor, GEEKHOM, and Kisential, it is clear that each option offers its own set of features and benefits. Whether you prioritize maximum heat resistance, maneuverability, wrist and arm protection, or non-slip designs, there is an oven mitt on this list to meet your needs. Additionally, considering the use of silicone handle covers as an alternative can provide an extra layer of protection when handling cast iron cookware. By investing in quality oven mitts designed specifically for cast iron, you can cook delicious meals with confidence while protecting your hands from burns.


What makes oven mitts suitable for handling cast iron cookware?

Oven mitts suitable for use with cast iron should be certified heat resistant, made of materials such as silicone or aramid fabric, and have a long sleeve to protect the wrist. These features ensure that the mitts can withstand the high temperatures and heavy weight of cast iron and provide effective protection against burns.

Are all oven gloves heat resistant?

No, not all oven gloves are heat resistant. It is important to choose oven mitts that are specifically designed for high-temperature cooking, such as those certified to withstand temperatures up to 446°F or higher. Ordinary cloth mitts may not provide adequate protection when handling cast iron.

Can I wash oven mitts in the washing machine?

Some oven mitts are machine washable, while others may require hand washing. It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care. If machine washing is allowed, it is generally recommended to use a gentle cycle and air dry the mitts to maintain their integrity.

Are silicone potholders better than cloth potholders for cast iron cooking?

Both silicone and cloth gloves have their advantages. Silicone gloves are heat and water resistant and provide a firm grip. They are easy to clean and provide good protection against heat transfer. Fabric gloves, especially those made of aramid fabric, offer excellent heat resistance and flexibility. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Can I use oven mitts for anything other than handling cast iron cookware?

Yes, oven mitts can be used for a variety of cooking and baking tasks, not just cast iron. They provide protection when handling hot trays, pans and dishes from conventional ovens. However, it is important to ensure that the mitts are suitable for the specific temperatures involved and to follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.

What other safety precautions should I take when using cast iron cookware?

In addition to using heat-resistant oven gloves, it is important to handle cast iron cookware with care. Always use appropriate utensils to avoid scratching the seasoning or enamel. Allow the cookware to cool before cleaning and avoid sudden temperature changes, such as placing a hot pan directly under cold water. Proper seasoning and regular maintenance of your cast iron cookware will also contribute to its longevity and performance.