Top 9 Canned Tomatoes for Soup in 2024

9 Best Canned Tomatoes for Soup in 2024

Tomatoes are a popular ingredient when it comes to making soup. While fresh tomatoes are commonly used, canned tomatoes also offer a convenient and flavorful option. In this article, we will explore the nine best canned tomatoes for soup in 2023, discussing their key features and why they are recommended for soup preparation.

1. Rega San Marzano Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes

Rega San Marzano Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes are highly regarded for their exceptional taste. Grown in volcanic soil, these plum tomatoes have a distinct sweetness and fewer seeds than other varieties. With only three ingredients – whole peeled tomatoes, tomato juice and basil – these canned tomatoes offer a simple and authentic flavor profile. They can be used in soups, pasta and pizza sauces, and stews.

2. Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes are a versatile option for blended tomato soups. These tomatoes are peeled, diced, and salted to bring out the natural tomato flavor. The light seasoning enhances the flavor without overpowering it, giving you the freedom to experiment with different seasonings in your soup. Made from organic, non-GMO California tomatoes, these diced tomatoes are also great for sauces and stews.

3. Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes

Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes are an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile canned tomato option. These plum tomatoes are peeled, whole and packed in tomato puree, making them suitable for a variety of cooking needs, including soups and stews. Known for their sweetness and low acidity, San Marzano tomatoes are a popular variety in Italian cuisine. The addition of basil adds subtle sweet and peppery notes to the tomatoes, enhancing their flavor.

4. Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce makes a flavorful base for tomato soup. This unseasoned tomato puree allows you to season to your liking. Made from organic California tomatoes, this non-GMO tomato sauce adds a rich and smooth texture to your soup. It is recommended that the soup be seasoned appropriately to achieve a balanced flavor profile.

5. Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes

Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes offer a balance of tomato puree and chunks, making them a versatile choice for soup preparations. Made from organic California tomatoes, these crushed tomatoes contain no added flavorings or sugar. Their natural flavor and texture make them ideal for a variety of soups, sauces and stews.

6. Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes are known for their high quality and consistent flavor. These tomatoes are packaged in tomato puree, adding a rich and smooth texture to your soup. With their natural sweetness and minimal acidity, Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes add depth of flavor to your soup recipes. They can also be used in pasta sauces, stews and other tomato-based dishes.

7. Del Monte Canned Stewed Tomatoes

Del Monte Canned Stewed Tomatoes are a popular choice for tomato soup recipes. These tomatoes are stewed with sugar, which enhances their natural sweetness and flavor. The stewing process gives the tomatoes a tender texture, making them ideal for blending into a smooth and hearty soup. The added sweetness from the sugar complements the savory elements of the soup, creating a well-balanced flavor.

8. Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes

Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes offer a vibrant and flavorful option for tomato soup. Made from vine-ripened tomatoes, these crushed tomatoes have a robust and tangy flavor. With a thick and rich consistency, Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes add a velvety texture to your soup. Their natural acidity adds a refreshing note to the overall flavor profile.

9. Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes

Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes are a convenient choice for tomato soup recipes. These tomatoes are finely chopped for quick and easy preparation. The small tomato pieces blend well with the soup, creating a smooth and consistent texture. Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes have a balanced flavor and can be used in a variety of soup recipes as well as pasta sauces and other tomato-based dishes.


When it comes to choosing canned tomatoes for soup, it is important to consider the type of tomatoes, added ingredients, seasoning, and the size of the can. The nine best canned tomatoes for soup in 2024, including Rega San Marzano Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes, Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes, Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes, Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce, Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes, Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Del Monte Canned Stewed Tomatoes, Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes, and Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes, offer a variety of flavors and textures to suit different soup recipes. These canned tomatoes offer convenience, consistent quality, and enhanced flavors that can take your tomato soup to new heights. Whether you prefer a smooth and velvety texture or a chunky and hearty consistency, there is a canned tomato option on this list that will meet your needs. Experiment with different varieties and find your favorite canned tomatoes to create delicious and comforting tomato soups.


Can I use fresh tomatoes in soup instead of canned tomatoes?

While fresh tomatoes can be used for soup, canned tomatoes offer convenience and often have a more intense flavor. Canned tomatoes are also peeled, saving you the time and hassle of removing the skin. However, if you have fresh tomatoes on hand and prefer their flavor, you can certainly use them in your soup recipe.

What is the advantage of using canned tomatoes for soup?

There are several advantages to using canned tomatoes for soup. First, canned tomatoes are often packed with salt, which enhances their flavor. In addition, some canned tomatoes may contain sugar, which further enhances their flavor. Second, using a trusted brand of canned tomatoes ensures consistent flavor in your soups. Fresh tomatoes can vary in flavor from batch to batch. Third, canned tomatoes are peeled, saving you the step of removing the skin. Finally, canned tomatoes are quick and easy to prepare, making it convenient to make a delicious tomato soup.

What kind of canned tomatoes should I choose for my soup?

The type of canned tomatoes you choose for your soup depends on your preferences and the recipe you are following. Whole peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, and tomato sauce are all viable options. Whole peeled tomatoes offer versatility, diced tomatoes are great for chunky soups, crushed tomatoes provide a balance between puree and chunks, stewed tomatoes add sweetness, and tomato sauce serves as a base. Consider the desired texture and flavor profile of your soup when choosing the type of canned tomatoes.

Can I use flavored or seasoned canned tomatoes in my soup?

Using flavored or seasoned canned tomatoes in your soup is a matter of personal preference. Some people enjoy the added flavor that comes with roasted, seasoned, or flavored tomatoes. However, it is important to consider whether the flavors of canned tomatoes will complement your soup recipe. If you prefer a more traditional tomato soup flavor, choose plain canned tomatoes without added flavorings.

How should I store leftover canned tomatoes?

If you have leftover canned tomatoes after making your soup, it is best to transfer them to an airtight container and refrigerate. Canned tomatoes will keep in the refrigerator for up to four days. Alternatively, you can transfer leftover tomatoes to a freezer-safe container or bag and freeze them for future use. Proper storage helps maintain the quality and freshness of canned tomatoes.