Top 9 Muesli Brands of 2024: A Comprehensive Review

9 Best Cereal Brands of 2024

Cereal is a versatile and nutritious cereal option that provides a hearty and filling start to the day. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, cereal can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including as a stand-alone cereal or in baked goods. However, not all cereal brands are created equal. The best cereal brands are those that cater to individual dietary needs and personal preferences, such as gluten-free options, fruit-packed varieties, sugar-free alternatives, or those made exclusively with organic ingredients.
In this article, we will introduce you to the 9 best cereal brands of 2024, highlighting their best features and potential drawbacks. Please note that personal preference plays an important role in choosing the right cereal, so we recommend checking the ingredients list before making a final decision.

1. Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill offers a variety of cereals, including gluten-free and paleo varieties. Their Old Country Style Muesli is a blend of whole grains, fruits and nuts inspired by the original muesli recipe from the late 1800s. Available in 18-ounce or 40-ounce bags, it contains no added sugar or additives. The sweetness comes from naturally dried fruits like raisins and dates. If you like the taste of raisins, this cereal is a satisfying choice.

2. Seven Sundays

If you prefer a variety of flavors, Seven Sundays is an excellent option. They offer a 4-flavor cereal variety pack so you can enjoy a different flavor every day. These cereals are tested annually for glyphosate residues and are produced by a B Corp certified company, ensuring high social and environmental standards. While they used to be organic and sugar-free, this is no longer the case. But if you’re new to Seven Sundays, you probably won’t notice the difference.

3. Evoke

Evoke is a brand that caters to active individuals, offering organic cereals designed to fuel an active lifestyle. Their Athlete Fuel cereal focuses on providing long-lasting energy with whole food sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It contains no added sugar and has an impressive protein content of 7g per serving. It’s worth noting that if you’re trying cereal for the first time and are used to the sweetness of cereal, Evoke’s blend may taste bland. This is because it is not soaked in sweeteners and is not toasted like granola.

4. Alpine

Alpen offers an original Swiss-style muesli that is 100% whole grain and packed with protein and fiber. However, it is important to note that the North American version of Alpen differs from the European brand and lacks the creamy malt flavor. However, it is still a delicious and nutritious option. It is worth noting that while the sales page claims it is vegan, the ingredients list on the same page includes skim milk powder. It is best to rely on the information on the box when making a purchase decision.

5. Family

Familia is known for its Swiss No Added Sugar muesli, which is naturally delicious without the need for extra sugar. They also offer a traditional Bircher muesli recipe that has a slightly sweeter taste due to the presence of sugar derived from dates, apples, bananas and raisins. Familia cereals are non-GMO project certified, kosher and vegan friendly. However, the fruit in this cereal is dusted or rolled in flour, which adds weight to the product without significantly improving the taste. Some people appreciate the thickness it adds to the cereal, while others may find it less palatable.

6. Puffed pastry

Seitenbacher offers a granola that is relatively low in carbohydrates compared to other options on the market. While granola is generally not considered keto-friendly or low carb due to its oats, grains, and fruit content, Seitenbacher’s granola has the lowest carb content available. While it may not fit into a strict keto diet, it may be suitable for those looking for a lower carb option.

7. Swissli

Swissli is a brand that specializes in muesli with fruit. Their cereals are known for their delicious blend of grains, nuts and dried fruits. If you enjoy the added sweetness and flavor of fruit in your cereal, Swissli is a brand to consider.

8. Michele’s Granola

Michele’s Granola offers a unique toasted granola recipe. Toasting the cereal adds a delicious crunch and enhances the flavors of the ingredients. Michele’s Granola uses high quality ingredients and offers a variety of flavors including Original, Cherry Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. However, it’s important to note that Michele’s Granola is not strictly a traditional granola brand, as their products contain additional ingredients such as honey and coconut oil. However, if you enjoy the combination of granola and cereal, Michele’s Granola is a delicious option.

9. Daddy’s Cereal

Daddy’s Muesli is a brand that focuses on offering organic muesli options. Their cereals are made with high quality ingredients and contain no artificial additives or preservatives. It is an easy and healthy choice for those looking for an organic cereal brand.
In conclusion, choosing the best brand of cereal depends on your specific dietary needs and personal preferences. The 9 brands mentioned in this article offer a variety of options, including gluten-free, fruit-packed, high-protein, sugar-free, low-carb, and organic cereals. It’s important to read the ingredients list carefully and consider your taste preferences before making a purchase. Have fun exploring the world of cereal and finding the brand that works best for your breakfast routine.


What is cereal?

Cereal is a raw cereal based on oats and whole grains, typically mixed with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It can be eaten hot or cold and is a popular breakfast option.

How is cereal different from granola?

The main difference between cereal and granola is that cereal is raw, while granola is toasted or cooked before being packaged. Muesli is often soaked before consumption, while granola is typically eaten as is.

Are these cereal brands suitable for specific dietary needs?

Yes, these brands offer a variety of options to meet different dietary needs. You can find gluten-free, organic, sugar-free and low-carb cereals among the recommended brands.

Can cereal be used in baking?

Yes, cereal can be used in baking. It adds texture and flavor to baked goods such as muffins, cookies, and bread. You can experiment with different recipes to incorporate cereal into your baked goods.

How do I choose the right brand of cereal for me?

Choosing the right brand of cereal depends on your personal preferences and dietary needs. Consider factors such as taste preferences, dietary restrictions, organic certifications and added ingredients when choosing the brand that best suits your needs.

Can cereal be enjoyed by people on a keto diet?

While cereal is generally not considered keto-friendly due to its higher carb content, some brands offer lower-carb options. However, it’s important to check the nutritional information and ingredients of the brand you’re considering to make sure it’s compatible with your keto diet.