Light Up Your BBQ: The 11 Best BBQ Lighters of 2024

11 Best BBQ Lighters of 2024

Barbecue season is upon us, and nothing beats the smoky flavor of grilled food. But lighting the grill can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you’re still using matches. Fortunately, there are many reliable BBQ lighters on the market that can make your grilling experience much easier. In this article, we will introduce you to the 11 best BBQ lighters of 2023, carefully selected by Foods Guy to meet different grilling needs.

  1. Bic Multipurpose Lighters: Bic is a well-known brand that offers reliable and easy-to-use butane lighters. These lighters are safe, quality tested and come with long wands for added safety. With their fun grip colors and durable construction, Bic multipurpose lighters are a popular choice among barbecue enthusiasts.
  2. Handi Flame BBQ Grill Lighters: For those who prefer refillable lighters, Handi Flame BBQ Grill Lighters are an excellent option. These multipurpose lighters work well for grilling, camping and other needs. With their long-lasting flames and DOT compliance, these lighters offer convenience and versatility.
  3. Scripto Aim ‘n Flamell Extra Long Utility Lighter: When you need an extra long wand for lighting purposes, the Scripto Aim ‘n Flamell Utility Lighter is an ideal choice. This butane lighter is designed with a 7-inch wand, making it perfect for lighting fireplaces, campfires and grills. Its reliability and affordability make it a popular choice among consumers.
  4. Power Practical Candle Lighter: If you prefer a flameless lighter, the Power Practical Candle Lighter is a great option. This electric lighter uses plasma technology and is USB rechargeable. With its safe and steady flame, it’s perfect for lighting candles, grills and more. Its effectiveness, ease of use and quick charging capabilities make it a top choice.
  5. RONXS Plasma Arc Lighter: Another arc lighter on our list is the RONXS Plasma Arc Lighter. This electric lighter uses an electric current to create a spark. It provides a safe and windproof flame, making it suitable for various grilling situations. The RONXS Plasma Arc Lighter is a reliable option for those who prefer an alternative to butane lighters.
  6. Hocety Butane Lighter: If you’re looking for a butane torch lighter, the Hocety Butane Torch Lighter is worth considering. This lighter provides a powerful flame that can quickly ignite your grill or smoker. Its compact design and ease of use make it a convenient choice for barbecue enthusiasts.
  7. Skyflame Electric Charcoal Fire Starter: For those who use charcoal grills, the Skyflame Electric Charcoal Fire Starter is a game changer. This electric lighter is specifically designed to ignite charcoal quickly and efficiently. With its safe and reliable performance, it eliminates the need for lighter fluid and provides a hassle-free grilling experience.
  8. JOBON Electric Arc Lighter: The JOBON Electric Arc Lighter is another arc lighter that provides a reliable and windproof flame. It’s suitable for various grilling needs and provides a convenient alternative to traditional lighters. Its sleek design and ease of use make it a popular choice among consumers.
  9. Elite Brands USA Long Lighter Pack: If you’re looking for a pack of long lighters, the Elite Brands USA Long Lighters Pack is an excellent option. These butane lighters come in a set and offer versatility for different grilling situations. Their durable construction and reliable performance make them a convenient choice for barbecue enthusiasts.
  10. Yeuligo Torch Lighters: The Yeuligo Torch Lighters are reliable butane lighters that provide a powerful flame for quick and easy lighting. These lighters are compact, portable and suitable for various grilling needs. Their affordability and effectiveness make them a popular choice among consumers.
  11. Elite Brands USA Plasma Arc Lighter: Last but not least, the Elite Brands USA Plasma Arc Lighter is another plasma arc lighter that deserves a spot on our list. With its electric spark and windproof flame, it provides a convenient and safe option for lighting your grill. Its durability and performance make it a reliable choice for barbecue enthusiasts.

In conclusion, choosing the right BBQ lighter can greatly enhance your grilling experience. Whether you prefer butane lighters, arc lighters, or electric lighters, there are numerous options available to meet your specific needs. The 11 best BBQ lighters of 2024 mentioned in this article have been carefully selected to provide reliability, ease of use, and versatility. Consider your grilling needs and choose the lighter that best suits your needs. Happy grilling!


Can these BBQ lighters be used for other purposes besides grilling?

Yes, many of the BBQ lighters on our list are versatile and can be used for many purposes. They are great for lighting candles, fireplaces, campfires and other outdoor activities.

Do these lighters come with fuel?

Most of the lighters in our list do not come with fuel included. However, they are compatible with commercially available butane fuel, which can be purchased separately.

Are these lighters refillable?

Yes, some of the lighters on our list are refillable. The advantage of refillable lighters is that you can reuse them by refilling them with butane fuel when they run out.

Are these lighters windproof?

Many of the lighters on our list are designed to be windproof. They have wind-resistant flames or arcs to ensure reliable ignition even in windy conditions.

Are these lighters safe to use?

Yes, the BBQ lighters we have selected are designed with safety in mind. They are designed with features such as long wands, child-resistant mechanisms and compliance with safety regulations to ensure a safe grilling experience.

Can these lighters be used with both gas and charcoal grills?

Yes, the BBQ lighters on our list are suitable for use with various types of grills, including gas and charcoal grills. However, it’s important to check the specific type of lighter and its compatibility with the grill you have.