Mastering the Art of Microwaving Spam: The Ultimate Guide

Can You Microwave Spam? – A guide to proper microwave techniques

Microwaving food has become a popular method for its convenience and time efficiency. However, when it comes to microwaving certain foods, such as Spam, there are special considerations to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of microwaving Spam to ensure a delicious and hassle-free experience.

What is Spam?

Spam, an iconic canned meat product, has a rich history and has gained popularity worldwide. Created by Hormel Foods Corporation during the Great Depression, Spam was designed as an affordable and shelf-stable source of protein. It is made from a blend of ham, pork shoulder, salt, water, sugar and various seasonings, giving it a unique flavor profile.

Benefits of Microwaving Spam

Microwaving Spam offers several benefits for those looking for a quick and easy meal option:

  1. Time efficiency: Microwaving Spam is exceptionally fast, taking only a few minutes to heat through. This makes it ideal for busy people or those with limited time to prepare meals.
  2. Minimal preparation: Microwaving Spam requires minimal preparation. Simply open the can, slice the Spam to the desired thickness and place in a microwave-safe dish to cook.
  3. Even heating: Microwaves distribute heat evenly, ensuring that Spam heats evenly throughout without the need for constant flipping or turning.
  4. Easy cleanup: Microwaving Spam means fewer dishes to wash, making cleanup a breeze.

Considerations for Microwaving Spam

While microwaving spam is convenient, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Texture and crispiness: Microwaving may not achieve the same level of crispiness as other cooking methods, such as frying. The exterior of microwaved Spam may be softer and lack the crispy edges that many people enjoy.
  2. Visual appeal: Microwaved Spam may not have the same visual appeal as other cooking methods. The lack of browning or caramelization may affect the overall eating experience.
  3. Limited customization: Microwaving limits the ability to customize the flavor of Spam. Other methods, such as pan-frying, allow for the incorporation of additional seasonings or ingredients to create a more personalized taste.

Proper techniques for microwaving Spam

For best results when microwaving Spam, follow these steps:
Step 1: Prepare the Spam
Start by opening the can of Spam and carefully removing the block of Spam. Place the block on a cutting board and slice it to the desired thickness. Thinner slices will cook more evenly in the microwave.
Step 2: Choose a microwave-safe dish
Choose a microwave-safe dish that is large enough to hold the Spam slices without overcrowding. A microwave-safe plate or glass bowl works well.
Step 3: Arrange the Spam
Place the Spam slices in a single layer on the microwave-safe dish. Avoid overlapping the slices to ensure even cooking.
Step 4: Microwave
Cover the dish with a microwave-safe lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap, leaving a small vent to allow steam to escape. Set the microwave to medium power (about 50-70% power) to prevent the Spam from becoming tough or rubbery while cooking.
Start by microwaving for 1-2 minutes, depending on the amount of Spam and the power of your microwave. Cooking times may vary, so keep an eye on the Spam as it cooks.
Step 5: Check and turn
After the first microwave, carefully remove the dish from the microwave with oven gloves or a towel. Check the Spam slices for doneness. They should be cooked through and slightly warm in the center. If necessary, rotate the slices to ensure even cooking.
Step 6: Continue cooking (if necessary)
If the Spam slices are not cooked through, return them to the microwave and continue cooking in 30-second intervals, checking after each interval.
Step 7: Serve
Once the Spam is heated through, carefully remove the dish from the microwave and let it stand for one minute before serving. Use a fork or tongs to transfer the microwaved Spam to a serving plate. You can combine it with other ingredients such as eggs, rice, or vegetables to create a complete meal.

Creative ways to use microwave Spam

Microwave Spam can be a versatile ingredient that adds a savory flavor to a variety of dishes. While it may not provide the same crispy texture as other cooking methods, here are some creative ways to incorporate microwaved Spam into your meals:

  1. Breakfast Delights
  • Top scrambled, fried or poached eggs with microwaved slices of Spam for a hearty, protein-packed breakfast.
  • Add microwaved Spam to breakfast burritos along with scrambled eggs, cheese and your choice of vegetables.
  1. Spam Sandwiches
  • Make a classic sandwich with microwaved Spam slices. Layer them with lettuce, tomato, cheese and your favorite condiments between two slices of bread.
  • Make a grilled Spam and cheese sandwich by assembling the sandwich, then toasting it in a pan or sandwich press for a crispy exterior.
  1. Spam Fried Rice
  • Dice microwaved Spam and add it to fried rice for a flavorful twist. The saltiness of the Spam pairs well with the rice and vegetables.
  1. Spam Salad
  • Chop microwaved Spam into small pieces and use it as a protein addition to salads. Toss it with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and your favorite dressing for a quick and satisfying meal.
  1. Spam Stir-Fry
  • Cut microwaved Spam into strips and stir-fry with vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, and snow peas. Add soy sauce, garlic, and ginger for a delicious Asian-inspired dish.


Microwaving Spam is a convenient and time-saving way to enjoy this iconic canned meat product. While it may not achieve the same level of crispness or visual appeal as other cooking methods, microwaving allows for quick and even heating. By following the proper techniques outlined in this guide, you can enjoy a delicious microwaved Spam meal in just a few minutes. Get creative and explore different ways to incorporate microwaved Spam into your meals for a satisfying and flavorful experience.


Can I microwave Spam directly in the can?

No, it is not safe to microwave Spam in its original can. Transfer the Spam slices to a microwave-safe dish before microwaving.

What is the recommended power level for microwaving Spam?

It is recommended to set the microwave to medium power (around 50-70%) to prevent the Spam from becoming tough or rubbery during cooking.

How long should I microwave Spam?

Microwave times may vary depending on the amount of Spam and the power of your microwave. Start with 1-2 minutes and continue in 30 second intervals until the Spam is cooked through.

Can I get a crunchy texture when I microwave Spam?

Microwaving may not produce the same level of crispness as other cooking methods. The exterior of microwaved Spam may be softer and may not have the crispy edges that many people enjoy.

Can I add additional spices or ingredients to microwave Spam?

While microwaving limits the ability to customize the flavor of Spam, you can add seasonings or other ingredients before or after microwaving to enhance the flavor to your liking.

What are some creative ways to use microwave Spam?

Microwaved Spam can be used in a variety of dishes, including breakfast sandwiches, fried rice, salads and stir-fries. It adds a savory flavor and pairs well with other ingredients. Be creative and experiment with different recipes!