The Top 5 Soy Sauces to Enhance Your Sushi Experience

The 5 Best Soy Sauces for Sushi

Soy sauce and sushi are a classic combination that brings together the flavors of Japan for a delightful culinary experience. Finding the perfect soy sauce for your sushi is essential to enhancing its natural flavors. Not all soy sauces are created equal, and it’s important to choose one that complements the delicate flavors of sushi. In this article, we will explore the five best soy sauces for sushi and their unique characteristics.

1. Kishibori Shoyu (pure artisan soy sauce)

Kishibori Shoyu is an artisanal soy sauce that follows a long tradition of producing high-quality products in Japan. This soy sauce offers a rich flavor profile that enhances the taste of sushi. The depth of flavor in each bite is truly remarkable, and it provides the right amount of umami without overpowering the dish. Kishibori Shoyu is fermented in century-old cider barrels for at least a year, allowing complex organic acids to develop and create a sharp yet subtle flavor profile.

2. Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu Soy Sauce

Haku Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged Shoyu is another exceptional soy sauce for sushi. This artisanal sauce offers a well-balanced flavor that provides a truly sublime experience. It has a subtle and smooth flavor compared to other sauces, with a hint of sweetness that adds to its complexity. The soy sauce is slowly fermented in special barrels made from Mizunara hardwood, a special type of Japanese oak. This unique fermentation process contributes to the complex flavors of the sauce.

3. Black Garlic Shoyu Soy Sauce

For those looking to try something new, Black Garlic Shoyu Soy Sauce offers a unique twist on traditional soy sauces. This artisanal sauce combines shoyu soy sauce with black garlic, resulting in a flavor profile that showcases the best of both ingredients. The sauce has a complex and earthy flavor with subtle undertones of garlic, fig, molasses and raisin. While honoring the long tradition of shoyu, this sauce embraces culinary experimentation and adds a new dimension to the sushi experience.

4. Yamaroku Shoyu Pure Artisan Soy Sauce

Yamaroku Shoyu Pure Artisan Soy Sauce, known as Tsurubishio, offers a rich and smooth flavor that pairs perfectly with sushi and sashimi. This sauce has a subtle flavor profile that allows the natural flavors of the dish to shine without overpowering them. Yamaroku Shoyu’s ingredients are brewed and aged for four years in centuries-old Kioke wooden barrels, a traditional method that is becoming increasingly rare in Japan. The meticulous craftsmanship behind this sauce is evident in its exceptional flavor.

5. Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce

Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce is a commercial option that doesn’t compromise on taste and quality. Kikkoman is a well-known brand in the soy sauce market, and their Light Soy Sauce is an excellent choice for sushi lovers. Although brewed in the same way as their classic soy sauce, Light Soy Sauce offers a lighter and more subtle taste. It allows the flavors of the sushi to take center stage, while still providing the umami notes that soy sauce is known for.


Choosing the right soy sauce can take your sushi experience to new heights. The five soy sauces mentioned above, including Kishibori Shoyu, Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu Soy Sauce, Black Garlic Shoyu Soy Sauce, Yamaroku Shoyu Pure Artisan Soy Sauce, and Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce, offer unique tastes and characteristics that enhance the natural flavors of sushi. Whether you prefer an artisanal sauce or a commercial option, there is a soy sauce on this list to suit your taste preferences. Take the time to explore these options and discover the perfect soy sauce for your sushi creations.


What makes a soy sauce suitable for sushi?

A soy sauce suitable for sushi is one that complements the natural flavors of the dish without overpowering them. It should have the right balance of umami and saltiness to enhance the taste of sushi.

Are these soy sauces only for sushi, or can they be used for other dishes as well?

While these soy sauces are specially selected for their compatibility with sushi, they can also be used in other Japanese and Asian dishes. Their unique flavors can add depth and complexity to various recipes.

Can these soy sauces be used in both traditional and modern sushi rolls?

Yes, these soy sauces can be used in both traditional and modern sushi rolls. Their versatile flavors complement a wide range of sushi styles, allowing you to enjoy them with any type of sushi roll.

Are these soy sauces gluten free?

Some of the soy sauces on this list may contain wheat as an ingredient, which means they are not gluten-free. However, there are gluten-free soy sauce options on the market that can be used as alternatives for those with dietary restrictions.

Where can I buy these soy sauces?

These soy sauces can be purchased online through various e-commerce platforms or directly from specialty stores that offer a wide range of Japanese food products. Checking the official websites or authorized retailers of the respective brands is a reliable way to find these soy sauces.

Do these soy sauces need to be refrigerated?

Most soy sauces, including those mentioned in this article, do not require refrigeration. However, it is recommended that they be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality and flavor over time.