Top 11 Cake Pop Molds of 2024: The Ultimate Guide

11 Best Cake Pop Molds of 2024

Cake pops have become a popular treat loved by children and adults alike. These delightful bite-sized cake balls on a stick are not only delicious, but also fun to make. If you want to make the perfect cake pops at home, it’s important to choose the right cake pop mold. In this article, we will explore the 11 best cake pop molds of 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

Akingshop Silicone Cake Pop Mold Set

The Akingshop Silicone Cake Pop Mold Set is an excellent choice for beginners. This set includes a silicone mold that can make 20 spherical cake pops, making it ideal for family gatherings. The mold has small holes in the top that allow steam to escape, resulting in light and fluffy cake pops. In addition, the kit comes with 60 lollipop sticks, wrappers and ribbons, making it easy to pack and decorate your cake pops for treat bags or outdoor events. The mold is oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, and the bottom mold can also be used for making desserts.

Ulee Cake Pop Maker Kit

For those who want to make a large number of cake pops, the Ulee Cake Pop Maker Set is a perfect choice. This set includes enough molds to make 40 cake pops at a time, making it ideal for parties and larger gatherings. The set also includes a 3-tiered display stand, cupcake molds, lollipop sticks, bags, ribbons, a decorating pen, and a chocolate melting pot. With the included instructions, you’ll have all the guidance you need to create beautiful and delicious cake pops that will impress your guests.

Nice-live silicone cake pop mold

If you prefer to make smaller batches of cake pops, the Nice-live Silicone Cake Pop Mold is a great option. This cute little mold contains two trays, with six indentations in each tray. Simply pour the batter into one pan, place the other pan on top, and bake. The indentations in this mold are slightly larger than most cake pop molds, measuring 2 inches in diameter. While there are no holes in the pan for lollipop sticks during baking, you can easily insert them after removing the top pan.

Z Zicome Pink Cake Pop Mold

For a straightforward cake pop mold with no bells and whistles, the Z Zicome Pink Cake Pop Mold is a reliable choice. This 20-cavity silicone mold features a tight seal between the top and bottom molds for perfect spherical cakes. The lid of the mold has holes for placing lollipop sticks during baking, and it also has an easy-grip tab for effortless removal of the cake balls. If you’re looking for perfection in your bite-sized cake pops, this mold is an excellent option.

Ouddy Oval Cake Pop & Popsicle Molds

If you’re looking to venture beyond the traditional spherical shape, the Ouddy Oval Cake Pop & Popsicle Molds are worth considering. These large oval silicone molds allow you to create unique cake pops that stand out from the crowd. The molds are versatile and can be used to make both cake pops and popsicles. With their high-quality construction, these molds ensure even baking and easy release of your creations.

Makmeng Cake Pop Maker Kit

The Makmeng Cake Pop Maker Kit is a comprehensive set that includes everything you need to make cake pops with ease. The kit includes a cake pop mold, measuring cup, lollipop sticks, wrappers and binders. Use the included measuring cup to ensure consistent portion sizes for your cake pops. This kit is perfect for beginners and experienced bakers alike, making it a versatile option for any kitchen.

R Horse Silicone Baking Mold Set

If you’re looking for a cake pop mold set with a variety of options, the R Horse Silicone Baking Mold Set is an excellent choice. This set includes a 42-piece baking mold set that allows you to create different shapes and designs for your cake pops. The molds are made of food-grade silicone and are easy to clean. With this versatile set, you can let your creativity run wild and make stunning cake pops for any occasion.

Three Size Heart Shaped Cake Pops Mold Set

For those looking to add a touch of romance to their cake pops, the Three Size Heart Shaped Cake Mold Set is the perfect solution. This set includes heart-shaped molds in three different sizes, allowing you to create beautifully shaped cake pops. The unique geometric design of these molds adds an elegant and eye-catching element to your creations. Whether you’re making cake pops for Valentine’s Day, weddings, or any other special occasion, this set of molds will help you achieve stunning results.

Chefmade Canele Non-Stick Cake Pan

If you’re looking for a cake pan that offers versatility beyond making cake pops, the Chefmade Canele Non-Stick Cake Pan is an excellent choice. This cake pan is designed specifically for making canele, a French pastry with a caramelized crust and a soft, custard-like interior. It can also be used to make cake pops with a unique shape and texture. The non-stick coating ensures easy release of the cake pops, and the durable construction allows for even baking and heat distribution.

Mity Rain Silicone Cake Pop Mold Set

The Mity rain Silicone Cake Pop Mold Set is a great option for those who want to make cake pops in different shapes and designs. This set includes three different molds, each with its own unique shape, including stars, hearts, and flowers. These molds are made of high quality silicone for easy release and durability. With this set, you can create eye-catching and creative cake pops that are sure to impress.

Wilton Nonstick Cake Pop Mold

For a classic and reliable option, consider the Wilton Non-Stick Cake Pop Mold. This mold features a durable non-stick coating that allows for easy release of the cake pops. It can make up to 12 cake pops at a time, making it ideal for small gatherings or family baking sessions. The pan also comes with a set of 24 lollipop sticks so you can create beautiful and delicious treats.


Choosing the right cake pop mold can greatly enhance your baking experience and help you create stunning and delicious cake pops. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, the 11 best cake pop molds of 2024 listed above offer a variety of options to suit your needs. From large capacity party molds to unique shapes and designs, these molds offer versatility and ease of use. So gather your ingredients, get creative, and enjoy the process of making delicious cake pops with these top-notch molds.


What are cake pop molds?

Cake pop molds are baking trays that contain small hemispherical indentations. They are used to make perfectly round cake pops. The batter is poured into the bottom pan, and as the cake rises, it fills the top pan, creating spherical cake pops.

Why should I use a cake pop pan instead of making cake pops by hand?

There are several advantages to using a cake pop pan. First, it ensures a consistent size and shape for each cake pop. Second, it helps ensure even baking and prevents the cake pops from falling apart. Finally, molds with lollipop stick holes make it easy to insert the sticks before baking, saving you time and effort.

What materials are cake pop molds made of?

Most cake pop molds are made of food-grade silicone. Silicone molds offer a non-stick surface that makes it easier to remove cake pops. They are also flexible and heat resistant, allowing for easy release and quick cleaning.

Can I use cake pop molds to make other desserts?

Yes, many cake pop molds can be used to make other desserts such as chocolate truffles, mini cheesecakes, or even frozen treats such as ice cream pops. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and temperature limits to make sure the mold is suitable for your desired dessert.

Are cake pop molds dishwasher safe?

Yes, most cake pop molds are dishwasher safe. However, it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations. Hand washing with mild soap and warm water is also an effective and gentle way to clean cake pop molds.

How do I remove the cake pops from the pan?

To remove the cake pops from the mold, gently press on the bottom of each cavity to pop them out. If the pan has a top, gently lift it off. If necessary, gently twist the mold or use a small spatula to release the cake pops. Be careful not to use too much force or the cake pops may break.