Top 11 Store-Bought Keto Salad Dressings for 2024

11 Best Store-Bought Keto Salad Dressings 2024

The ketogenic diet has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits and weight loss effects. One of the challenges of following a keto diet is finding suitable salad dressings that meet the low-carb requirements. While making homemade dressings is an option, many people prefer the convenience of store-bought options. In this article, we will explore the 11 best store-bought keto salad dressings for 2024.

1. Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing and Marinade

Primal Kitchen offers a delicious keto-friendly Caesar Dressing and Marinade. Made with avocado oil and organic extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredients, it provides a healthy dose of fat. With no added refined sugars or trans fats, this dressing has only 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The use of organic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, roasted garlic, and black pepper adds flavor without artificial fillers or preservatives. It is also soy, gluten and dairy free, making it suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.

2. Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing

Hidden Valley is a well-known brand that offers a keto-friendly version of its famous ranch dressing. Made with buttermilk and vegetable oil, this dressing is great on salads, vegetables, chicken, pasta, burgers, and wraps. Each serving contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of sugar, and no trans fats. It is important to note that this dressing contains dairy, so individuals with dairy allergies should avoid it.

3. Sir Kensington’s Dijon Balsamic Dressing

Sir Kensington’s Dijon Balsamic Dressing is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the tangy flavor of mustard. This dressing combines sunflower oil, dark and white balsamic vinegar, mustard flour and seeds, lemon juice, distilled vinegar, garlic and jasmine tea extract. With 130 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, it is suitable for a variety of diets, including vegan, keto, gluten-free, paleo, and Whole30. The amber bottle packaging helps preserve its freshness.

4. Feast From The East Sesame Dressing

For those who appreciate a combination of savory and sweet flavors, Feast From The East offers a sesame dressing. Made with vegetable oils, sesame oil and a few simple ingredients, this dressing offers a rich sesame flavor. It pairs well with chicken salad and can transform a simple salad into a delicious Chinese-inspired dish. With only 35 calories and no carbs per serving, this gluten-free, sugar-free dressing is a healthy addition to a keto diet.

5. Tessemae’s Organic Ranch Salad Dressing Variety Pack

Tessemae’s Ranch Salad Dressing Variety Pack is a great option for ranch dressing lovers. It includes two bottles of Habanero Ranch, which is sugar-free, and two bottles of Creamy Ranch, which is dairy-free. This variety pack caters to different dietary preferences within a family or household. The dressings are made with high-quality organic ingredients and provide a flavorful and creamy addition to salads.

6. Hall & Perry Salad Dressing Variety Pack

Hall & Perry offers a variety pack of four low-calorie, low-fat salad dressings. This pack includes Creamy Italian, Honey Mustard, Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Each dressing is carefully crafted to provide a unique flavor profile while keeping calories and fat content low. This variety pack allows individuals to experiment with different dressings and find their favorites.

7. Garlic Gold Red Wine Vinaigrette

Garlic Gold Red Wine Vinaigrette is an extra virgin olive oil based dressing and marinade. Made with quality ingredients including red wine vinegar, garlic and other herbs and spices, it adds a flavorful kick to salads. With 120 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, this dressing is suitable for a keto diet. The rich, tangy flavor of red wine vinegar complements a variety of salad ingredients.

8. Sir Kensington’s Ranch Dressing and Dip

Sir Kensington’s Ranch Dressing and Dip is a high oleic sunflower oil based dressing. Its creamy texture and savory flavor make it a versatile option for salads, dipping sauces and marinades. This dressing contains no trans fat or cholesterol and provides 130 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving. It is an excellent choice for those following a keto diet.

9. Healthy Choice Herbal Power Dressing

Healthy Choice Plant-Based Power Dressing offers a cauliflower-based, keto-friendly salad dressing. This dressing is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. It provides a creamy texture and a burst of flavor with ingredients like lemon juice, garlic, and spices. With only 40 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, it is a guilt-free option for those on a keto diet.

10. Walden Farms Calorie-Free Honey Dijon Dressing

Walden Farms offers a calorie-free honey dijon dressing that is suitable for those on a keto diet. This dressing is made with Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, honey flavor and other natural flavors. It provides the sweet and tangy flavor of honey Dijon without any added calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar. It is an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their calorie intake while adding flavor to their salads.

11. Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing

Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing is a delicious option for people who enjoy a balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Made with quality ingredients like sugar, vinegar, onion, and poppy seeds, it adds a burst of flavor to any salad. Each serving contains 120 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrates, making it suitable for a keto diet in moderation.
In conclusion, finding suitable store-bought keto salad dressings can be challenging, but not impossible. The 11 options above offer a variety of flavors and ingredients, while still meeting the low-carb requirements of a keto diet. Whether you prefer creamy ranch, tangy vinaigrette, or sweet and savory combinations, there is a store-bought keto salad dressing to suit your taste buds. Incorporating these dressings into your keto meal plan can add flavor and enjoyment to your salads without compromising your dietary goals.


Can store-bought salad dressings be keto-friendly?

Yes, there are many store-bought salad dressings that are specifically formulated to be keto-friendly. These dressings typically have healthy fats or oils as the main ingredient and contain minimal carbohydrates per serving.

What ingredients should I look for in a keto salad dressing?

When choosing a keto salad dressing, look for dressings that contain healthy fats or oils as the main ingredient. Avocado oil, high oleic sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil are good options. Also look for minimally processed ingredients and avoid dressings with added sugar or artificial additives.

Are all store-bought salad dressings suitable for a keto diet?

No, not all store-bought salad dressings are suitable for a keto diet. Many dressings contain added sugar, carbohydrates or unhealthy fats. It’s important to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists carefully to make sure the dressing meets the low-carb requirements of a keto diet.

Can I use these dressings for anything other than salads?

Absolutely! Although these dressings are designed for salads, they can also be used as marinades, dipping sauces or seasonings for other dishes. Their versatile flavours can enhance the taste of vegetables, meat or even sandwiches.

Are store-bought keto salad dressings as healthy as homemade ones?

Store-bought keto salad dressings can be a convenient option, but it’s important to note that homemade dressings give you more control over the ingredients and their quality. While some store-bought options are made with high-quality ingredients and are free of unhealthy additives, homemade dressings allow you to customise flavours and avoid potential hidden ingredients. If you have the time and prefer complete control over the ingredients, making your own dressings may be the healthier choice.