Top 9 Picks: The Best Bottles for Simple Syrup

Choosing the best bottles for simple syrup

When it comes to storing simple syrup for your homemade cocktails and drinks, having the right bottle is essential. The market offers a wide range of options, from clear glass bottles to non-drip plastic dispensers. In this article, we explore the key factors to consider when choosing the best bottles for simple syrup and provide a list of top recommendations.

Materials and Durability

Professional bartenders often prefer clear glass bottles for storing simple syrup. Not only are these bottles stylish to look at, but they are also heat resistant, so you can pour warm syrup directly into them. Alternatively, plastic bottles can be used, but it is important to allow the syrup to cool before pouring it into the bottle. Clear bottles offer the advantage of being able to see the contents inside, making it easy to keep track of how much simple syrup is left. For those who prefer a touch of color, semi-clear and patterned bottles are also available.


The size of the simple syrup bottle should be appropriate for the amount of syrup you plan to make in a batch. It should also fit neatly in your refrigerator, as the bottle may become a semi-permanent fixture. Most people store bottles in the refrigerator door, so finding bottles with the right size, width, and height is crucial to maximizing space. Square bottles tend to fit together more efficiently than round ones, and bottles with long, narrow necks may look attractive but may be too tall for your refrigerator.

Ease of use and pourability

Two important factors to consider when selecting a simple syrup bottle are ease of use and pourability. To minimize mess, the use of a funnel is recommended when pouring simple syrup into the bottle. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the bottle has a wide enough opening to accommodate a funnel. Alternatively, you can use a pitcher to pour the syrup, but this requires a steady hand. When making cocktails, it is crucial to have a bottle with a pour spout that allows you to dispense the right amount of syrup without making a mess. Most bartenders prefer bottles with tapered spouts, either plastic or metal. It is important to note that the pour spout should be removable to make it easier to fill the bottle. In addition, a tight fit between the spout and the bottle is necessary to prevent the spout from falling out when the bottle is inverted. While a slow pour spout may seem appealing, it can reduce the flow of syrup, which already pours more slowly than water due to its thick viscosity. Look for a pour spout with a vented opening, which allows air to enter the bottle during pouring, resulting in a smoother pour. Squeezable plastic bottles with leak-proof caps are another option to consider.

Product quality

Glass bottles tend to be more expensive than plastic bottles, but they offer durability and a stylish look on your cocktail bar. If you are serious about making cocktails, you may want to invest in a cocktail set that includes different bottles and tools for more complex recipes.

Ease of cleaning

Simple syrup is known to be sticky and difficult to wash off. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean than patterned surfaces. Glass bottles can withstand hotter water than plastic bottles, which helps dissolve any syrup residue more easily. Some simple syrup bottles are dishwasher-safe, although they may not always come out clean. Wide-necked bottles or jars are easier to clean with a bottle brush or cloth. Narrow-necked bottles, on the other hand, must be half-filled with warm, soapy water and shaken vigorously to clean the inside. It is important to pay attention to the pouring spout, as syrup residue can accumulate in smaller gaps, making it unhygienic if not cleaned properly.

Top recommendations for the best bottles for simple syrup

  1. Tablecraft Glass Syrup Bottle with Vented Stainless Steel Pourer: This medium-sized clear glass bottle features a high-quality, easy-pour spout and is a top pick for storing simple syrup.
  2. SUJUDE Plastic Syrup Squeeze Bottle with Pourer and Funnel: Made of food-grade plastic, this squeeze bottle comes with an easy-fill funnel system, making it convenient for storing and dispensing simple syrup.
  3. AiDrink Drip Free Small Glass Bottle Dispenser: Perfect for mess-free pouring of small quantities of simple syrup, this glass bottle dispenser ensures precise and controlled pouring.
  4. BAKHUK Glass Dispenser Bottles with Pourers and Funnel: This set of four square glass bottles comes with a variety of pourers and caps for versatile use and easy storage.
  5. BULK PARADISE Assorted Clear Glass Bottles with Cork: If you prefer a stylish assortment of patterned glass bottles, this set with reusable corks is a visually appealing way to store simple syrup.
  6. Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Syrup Dispenser with Pump: For a rustic and vintage touch, this mason jar dispenser with pump mechanism is a unique choice for storing and dispensing simple syrup.
  7. Winco 2-Piece Syrup Dispenser: Made of durable glass with a chrome top, this classic diner-style syrup dispenser is perfect for serving syrup the traditional way.
  8. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Set: Though designed primarily for condiments, these squeeze bottles also work well for storing and pouring simple syrup, thanks to their easy-to-use flip-top caps.
  9. Estilo Swing Top Glass Bottles: With their swing tops, these glass bottles provide an airtight seal to keep your simple syrup fresh for longer.

Remember, choosing the best simple syrup bottle ultimately depends on your personal preferences and specific needs. Consider factors such as materials, size, ease of use and cleaning, and overall product quality. By choosing a bottle that meets these criteria, you can ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience when making and using simple syrup for your cocktails and other beverages.


What is the advantage of using a custom bottle to store simple syrup?

Simple syrup custom bottles offer high quality and durability, ideal for long-term storage. They are often made of clear glass, which allows you to easily monitor the amount of syrup remaining. In addition, these bottles have snug-fitting, easy-pour spouts that minimize mess during pouring.

Can I use plastic bottles to store simple syrup?

Yes, plastic bottles can be used to store simple syrup. However, it is important to allow the syrup to cool before transferring it to the bottle. Clear plastic bottles can be a convenient alternative to glass bottles, but they may not offer the same heat resistance and durability.

How do I know what size bottle to choose for my simple syrup?

The size of the bottle depends on the amount of simple syrup you plan to make in a batch. Consider the space available in your refrigerator and choose a bottle that fits neatly into the space provided. Square bottles tend to maximize space compared to round bottles.

What should I look for in terms of ease of use and pourability?

Look for bottles with wide openings to accommodate funnels for easy pouring. Bottles with plastic or metal spouts are preferred for mess-free dispensing. Make sure the spout fits snugly into the bottle and is removable for easy filling. A vented opening on the spout facilitates smooth pouring.

Are glass bottles better than plastic bottles for storing simple syrup?

Glass bottles are often preferred by professionals for their durability, heat resistance and stylish appearance. They also allow for easier cleaning and can withstand hotter water to dissolve syrup residue. However, plastic bottles can be a less expensive and lighter option, as long as the syrup is allowed to cool before pouring.

How do I clean a bottle used to store simple syrup?

Cleaning a simple syrup bottle can be challenging due to its sticky nature. Glass bottles can be cleaned with hot water and soap, and some are dishwasher safe. Wide-necked bottles are easier to clean with a bottle brush or cloth. Narrow-necked bottles require shaking with warm, soapy water. It is important to clean the spout thoroughly to maintain hygiene.